3 of the Best Place To Find Geodes in the US

3 of the Best Place To Find Geodes in the US

In nature, certain places, such as inactive volcanoes or caves with air deposits, have a simple yet beautiful objects called geodes. These objects have a hard outer shell and a unique crystal interior, making them magnificent items to collect. If you want to find a geode in the U.S., certain places house them and will allow you to take them.

Locating them can be tricky though. Before you go out hunting it can be worthwhile to look through the guide to finding geodes that Rock Chasing has put together. It walks you through all the steps you need to understand from finding them to identifying them and opening them up. Below we have three great places you can start with that are proven to have a lot of geodes.

Keokuk Geode Beds, IW

These geode beds are home to some of the most amazing geodes in the U.S. You will find geodes filled with pyrite, malachite, and aragonite, to name a few. The large expanse of rock and sand has numerous stones to turn over as you look for a geode. The stream beds will also grant you a better chance of finding one geode. It would be wise to bring large boots for the water and a bucket for easier collecting.

Green River, KY

Rivers are a great place to find geodes in the U.S. Areas with solid rock and air pockets can produce geodes, especially in places where moisture is common. The geodes in this area have the potential to house minerals such as amethyst, chalcedony, and dolomite. Look for areas with gravel or broken-up rock for the best chance of finding them.

North Black Hills Geode Beds, CA

Many people have gone to this remote site in northern California for decades. It is one of the best places in the U.S. to find geodes. It features a large expanse of land with many hills and large rocks that may hold minerals such as agate or a dark-colored opalite. You could spend days here, so it may be best to bring along a rooftop tent to make camping more comfortable on the rocky plains. Make sure you secure your rooftop tent to stay on top of the car and not slip off while going over the rocky hills.

Geodes are a beautiful form of geology and make a great possession to take home with you. These locations will grant you the best luck of finding them and make an exciting trip as you hunt for these marvels of the natural world.

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