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A Travel Blogger covers 6 continents and over 50 countries Let’s discover something new about art, history, culture, food and so much more traveling the world.

I am always fascinated by the wonderful and beautiful world…

When I was a kid I could look at maps all day getting to know different city layouts, cultures, and histories in different places of the world. As I have grown up, traveling the world is a way for me to just let go of my hectic daily routine and dive into my interests: art, photography, music, history, language, and fashion. From each and every journey, the unforgettable experience had motivated me to never stop exploring.

As a city boy, it is always nature that detoxes my polluted soul, a stunning view without boundaries had made me realize how tiny a human being was. Breathing in the fresh air, listening to nature sound – they calmed me down and recharged me for the next departure of my life journey. I love traveling with friends, it got our friendship stronger, I love spending time with my family away from home, it pulled us closer.

I appreciate art, I adore architecture, I love culture. They made me grow, inspired me, widen my vision…

Traveling is a way to just let go, explore and try something new – climbing a cliff, walking through a glacier, skiing in the snow, skydiving from 14,000 feet, riding a helicopter, riding an elephant, flying with a hot air balloon, diving into the ocean, sleeping in a desert… these once-in-a-lifetime (sort of) experience was going to be good memories in my life, reminding how wonderful life is, how we should always be capable to change and to innovate…

I didn’t quit my job to travel… 

When someone quits their job to travel – it’s adventurous.
When someone quits their job to not travel – it’s nuts.

For some people, it’s not just a job, it’s a career. I know there are many bloggers teaching us how to turn blogging into a career or having big earnings from these blogs; I am not a “big world. small pockets” kind of guy in hostels that share bathrooms, skipping meals to save up for bus fare… For me, I enjoy sharing my experience and connect with people who have the same passion. I see this is a way to learn – to experience something new, and this blog is kinda traveling notes that I jotted down all the fascinating or interesting things that I saw and felt on the way, so pardon me, I am not gonna write a blog about ‘how to quit your job to travel‘, ‘how to pack your backpack‘, ‘oh I got upgraded to business class today’… this is just not me. I would rather write more about the stories, histories, tips, and fun facts about each and every place I have visited one blog at a time. (Also nice photos with fashion style :P) 

I have my own schedule but I wonder if I would ever finish them all…  anyhow… now I put my memories in my ‘Knycx Journeying’ to archive all my precious travel moments and share it with the world. You are welcome to leave comments and share your thoughts, and if you like it, please subscribe!!

Countries I’ve been to… (2021)


  1. Hello KNYC, you found the blog where I write about Photography. I will promise you that photography is the only topic I will discuss.
    Now that I know about you I look forward to wandering your site, viewing the images you post and reading what you have to say.
    Nice to be in contact.

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