Tips to make your Travel YouTube Video go Viral

Travel videos are valuable. They help preserve old and new memories while telling interesting stories about your trip. But, even as you scour the internet for tips on shooting the best travel YouTube video, you should also try to figure out how to make it go viral.

Making a viral-worthy YouTube video isn’t easy. It comes with a lot of hard work, planning, and knowing what to do. Here are a few easy-to-implement tips on creating YouTube videos that go viral.

It should be short and engaging

Did you know that the average human’s attention span is just 8.25 seconds? Now that you do, try to ensure your video is short and on point.

In fact, many would choose not to watch the video due to its length, while some may decide to watch a few seconds and end in half way and so it essential to create a short and engaging YouTube intro for your videos utilizing a free YouTube intro maker to make that first impression count and ensure engagement.

Even as you keep your video short and engaging, always ensure that it’s not missing out on key points you intend to get across to your audience. A short and engaging video has a greater chance of going viral than a long and boring one.

Have a clear point

What is the reason for your video?

Are you trying to encourage people to visit the Bahamas by highlighting the scenery in your video? Or are you trying to make your audience laugh? Do you want to share a particular story or topic you are passionate about?

Choosing a niche is a great way to ensure that you are targeting a particular audience.

Don’t have a niche? When choosing one, ensure you go for something you are passionate about. This makes the video more enjoyable and the creation process easy.

Edit, edit, edit

After shooting a travel video, many people post it immediately without editing it. This is wrong.

How do you note your errors and correct them? How do you cut relevant scenes to make Them shorter and more interesting? Or how do you weave your shots together?

Editing your video allows you to do these things. Here are some common practices to follow while you edit YouTube videos.

  • Select a good video editor
  • Use fast computers
  • Add good music
  • Cut the repetition
  • Add texts, titles, and graphics
  • Don’t forget the color correction

Remain relevant

Videos that follow trends have a higher chance of going viral. So before shooting your video, research the current trend in your niche. Once you find it, make a video that conforms to the trend, which could be news, pop culture, or internet discourse.

For instance, if you see a YouTube trend, you can join it. Don’t copy the trend entirely. Try to add your spin to it to stand out from others.

It is one thing to shoot a video and another to make it go viral. And, of course, creating such a video isn’t a walk in the park, but it’s doable. Keep it short, ensure it’s engaging, follow the trend, and edit it ruthlessly. In the end, you should have a viral-worthy YouTube video.

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