How To Find and Explore New Diving Spots

How To Find and Explore New Diving Spots

Are you on the hunt for new diving spots to travel to? Discover how to find and explore new diving spots that encapsulate the grandness of the ocean.

The ocean makes up a large majority of the planet’s surface, providing multiple underwater wonders to explore. All around the world, different diving spots offer varying sights, showcasing local marine life and historical treasures. Checking out different diving destinations around the globe is a unique and enriching way to travel and explore the world.

The Best Destinations for a Scuba Diving VacationBut before setting out to explore the deep blue, you need a destination. Dive spots are like different visitable cities—there are multiple to choose from, many of which you still don’t know about.

Each spot offers something different to see and gives you snippets of the area, from the scenery to the local population. Learn how to find and explore new diving spots on your travels to visit a wide range of underwater destinations.

Go on a Liveaboard Diving Trip

Liveaboard diving trips are a great way to expose yourself to new diving destinations, as they allow you to reach remote destinations. The best part about liveaboards is that they do most of the planning and preparation. Choosing the right liveaboard comes with multiple considerations, but once you pick your boat, the rest of the decision-making is in the crew’s hands.

Liveaboard boats cover accommodation, equipment, and destinations. The crew knows the ins and outs of the dive spots, from the safety risks and required skill levels to the crowds and local sights. Booking a trip on a liveaboard diving boat lets you travel to and explore multiple new dive destinations.

Check In With Local Diving Stores

Most diving stores are run by experienced local divers. If you need a helping hand to point you in the right direction, check in with the area’s local diving stores. Like getting good local dining recommendations from locals while visiting a new city, asking local divers for diving spot recommendations leads you to some of the best local secrets. Whether you are in Krabi, Thailand, or Mykonos, Greece, check out the local diving stores to gain insight into some of the best dive spots in the area.

Download Some Trusted Diving Apps

Did you know that many renowned diving associations, from PADI to SSI, have informational diving apps? Other than providing you with your diving certifications, diving associations are also great informational resources. Their apps include tips, checklists, and mapped-out dive spots to explore. Downloading a trusted diving app gives you all the diving insight you need right at your fingertips.

Reach Out to Fellow Divers

Diving is a popular worldwide sport. No matter where you are in the world, you’ll find a fellow diver. Like diving store experts, fellow divers have lots of experience with different dive spots in their back pockets. Gather your fellow divers online or in person and ask them about the best dive spots in your area. Networking with other divers can expose you to new and unheard-of diving spots on the map.

Find and explore new dive spots around the world by turning to these four beneficial resources. Travel the world in search of the best underwater wildernesses and enrich your life by visiting new destinations.

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