The Best Observation Decks in the World That You May Not Know

My pick of urban observatory decks, based on a few criteria that I thought would be important in the selection process. First, the city itself has to have a unique and spectacular cityscape for the viewers to appreciate; Secondly, the observatory deck has to offer the best angle of the iconic landmarks with the backdrop of the stunning skyline. Therefore, some of the choices are tough, and they might not be the landmark itself. Instead – they are my “even-better” choices. Hmm.

#10 Kuala Lumpur

The view – Tropical greenery of the bustling city and the world’s tallest twin tower


The usual choice: The PETRONAS Twin Towers

My “even-better” choice: The Menara

There are lots of things that give you Monday blue…
Waking up on a dreary morning after a night of thunder downpour….
Heading to work after an exciting, fun weekend….
Or, Realizing that the sky bridge in between Petronas twin towers closes on Mondays (when you were there)!

Kuala Lumpur Petronas Twin TowersThe PETRONAS Twin Towers look like two giant sweet corns, and they have been holding the record of the world’s tallest twin towers for 18 years. The observatory deck in Tower 2 offers a far-reaching and stunning view of the city; more, the sky bridge between the two towers is opened for visitors as well. Not only the bridge closes on Monday… Sadly. Please also note, the sky bridge used to be, but no longer, free! So we wandered to another observation deck which turned out kind of cool. It’s the Menara in KL city.

The Menara, a.k.a. The Kuala Lumpur Tower, is a telecommunication tower atop a small hill. It is also the highest lookout point of the city that opens to the public. The tower also features a revolving restaurant with panoramic views of the city and allegedly the world’s highest McDonald’s a few floors down. 🙂

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#9 Singapore

The view – Skyscrapers, the ultramodern architecture around the marina bay, Gardens by the Bay, and cargo ships in the Singapore Strait

Singapore Sands Skypark

The usual choice: Singapore Flyer

My “even-better” choice: Sands Skypark

Singapore FlyerWhen the owners opened the Singapore Flyer, they had high hopes for it being the new icon of the city. How the Singapore Flyer ended up in a financial storm merely five years after its grand opening? Lack of originality, safety issues, price issues, low attractiveness… all added up to the reasons why it went wrong. As a tourist, it’s the location. The entire Marina Bay was under construction for the last ten years, and the wheel doesn’t have the best angle to see the Marina Bay skyline. Particularly for a similar price, there’s a Sky Deck in Marina Bay Sands right across the bridge?

The Infinity pool and Marina Bay Sands Sky Deck are opened to the hotel guests, where visitors could also enjoy the Sky Deck for a fee. Soaring 57 levels above ground the MBS infinity pool is one of the most iconic swimming pools in the world.

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#8 Sydney

The view – One of the world’s largest natural harbors, iconic Sydney Opera House, beautiful city greenery

Sydney BridgeClimb

The usual choice: Sydney Tower

My “even-better” choice: Sydney BridgeClimb

Sydney TowerSydney’s skyline has undergone a complete makeover for the past 30 years; If you look at the photo of Sydney’s skyline from the late 80s, you won’t even recognize it. The Sydney opera house, however, remained at the waterfront as the most iconic feature of the Darling Harbor. Sydney Tower is located in Sydney’s CBD, and it’s the tallest structure in the city. I have learned that based on the city planning control, no buildings are allowed to be built taller than 235 meters (a.k.a. the Sydney Tower). Its observation deck offers a 360 panoramic view at a height of 1,000 feet above the ground. Visitors can even see Bondi Beach and the Blue Mountains on a clear day.

With so many skyscrapers in the City Center, it could be hard now to see the Opera House and Harbor Bridge from the Sydney Tower.

Another way to enjoy the stunning view of the harbor would be Sydney BridgeClimb. Although it could be a little bit costly, it is a more exciting experience, and the bridge offered climbers an unobstructed view of the Sydney Opera House.  Besides, the funny narrations really helped me understand the history and funny stories of many places in the city!

Tips and afterthoughts of Sydney BridgeClimb: The Few Only Bridge Climbs in the World: Sydney BridgeClimb

#7 Las Vegas, Nevada

The view – Hotels, Casinos, Giant Wheel, and the Red Rock Canyon

Las Vegas Stratosphere

The usual choice: High Roller Vegas

My “even-better” choice: Stratosphere Las Vegas

Sure, Las Vegas has a bold and interesting skyline. Nowhere in the world, one may see so many different shapes and flavors. Along the Las Vegas Strip, there is a giant pyramid with a sphinx, an Eiffel tower, a Statue of Liberty, a Caesar Palace, a Venetian complex… and so much more. The recently opened High Roller is the world’s tallest Ferris wheel in the middle of the Strip across Caesar Palace.

High Roller Las Vegas
I was told it’s the biggest in the world… doesn’t look it. #biggestwheelintheworld

Despite the novelty that may sound appealing, it was the Stratosphere Las Vegas that excited me the most. It didn’t seem that tall to me from afar, but the Stratosphere is the second tallest free-standing observation tower in the Western Hemisphere, behind Toronto’s CN Tower. Just when one might think the height couldn’t get any more heart-pounding – there is four SICK thrill rides at the top of the tower (The world’s 1st/2nd and 3rd highest thrill rides) that give daredevils a good reason to scream their lungs out.

More, consider taking a short helicopter tour at night to see the beautiful magic lights of the Gambling Capital of the World~ If you are interested in finding out more about Beyond Las Vegas Strip!

Stratosphere Las Vegas
Let’s go thrift shopping Macklemore #giftshop #lovethriftshopping #worldlargestgiftshop

#6 Seoul

The view – Seoul’s Gangnam Skyline, Lotte Amusement Park, and Han River

Seoul - Seoulsky Cover (2)

The usual choice: N Tower

My “even-better” choice: Seoul Sky

N TowerThe N Tower has been an iconic and very visible landmark in Seoul since 1971. It holds dear to the locals and many memorable TV Show memories were created there. The top of the tower offers a panoramic view of the entire city and it’s even more romantic during springtime when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. However, there is a new addition to the city. The Lotte World Mall in Jamsil is a world-class shopping mall that comprises the incredible shopping, art, food, and entertainment experience. The newly established Lotte World Tower is the 5th tallest building in the world and the Sky deck n Seoul Sky has been verified by Guinness World Records as the world’s highest glass-floor observation deck in the world.

At 468 meters above ground, the Sky Deck on the 118th floor is the main attraction of Seoul Sky. To me, the Lotte World Tower may not be in the best location for viewing the city center; but I went there for the entire experience. Seoul Sky occupies the top 11 floors of the 555-meter high skyscraper and the tower features the world’s tallest and fastest double-decker elevator, the Sky Shuttle, which whisks passengers from the basement to the 121st-floor observation deck in one minute.

The entrance of Seoul Sky celebrated Korea’s history and culture through media art. More, I highly recommend the 123 Lounge and enjoy some drinks or dessert while sitting by the window.

To learn a little bit more about lesser-known Neighborhoods in Seoul.

Seoul Sky Seoul
Although it is not exactly the best view in Seoul, I am reaching the highest floor possible. @Seoulsky, 118/F #seoul #lotte #118/F #korea #seoulsky

#5 London

The view – Come on, it’s London! The beautiful mix of old and new architecture along the River Thames

London Sky Garden

The usual choice: The London Eye, the Shard, and more…

My “even-better” choice: London Sky Garden

London EyeThe London Eye was erected 18 years ago to welcome the millennium, and it has immediately become a prototype of its kind; Yes, it is the pioneer of giant wheels – before the London Eye, the world didn’t have a monumental and permanent urban observatory wheel, (at least as iconic as the London Eye) and now it’s everywhere. Anyway, the latecomers wouldn’t have the originality and the perfect view of the Westminster inside the comfy and spacious egg-shaped capsules. The Shard, on the other hand, offers the tallest view of the European continent. Completed in 2013, it offers the highest city lookout point and a panoramic view of the city. In fact, the tower itself is an architectural marvel as the glass panels change colors and collectively form the shapes of a gigantic “shard of glass.”

So – an “even better” way to appreciate this giant art piece would be from the new London Sky Garden, which is located on the rooftop of the 20 Frenchchurch Street Building, the latest addition to the Central London skyline.

The most remarkable thing about the “Walkie-Talkie” is that admission to the Sky Garden is free during the day; however, it is necessary to pre-book a time slot online, and it could get busy. Although the open-air balcony is only one-sided, the platform offers viewers the best view of the South Bank of River Thames, including a LOT of London key sights, from the HMS Belfast, Tower Bridge (Of course!), the bulbous London City Hall, the Tower of London, Tate Modern Museum (the chimneys), the dome of Saint Paul Cathedral, the Gherkin… all the way to the houses of Parliament and the London Eye, if the sky is clear.

If possible, select the timeslot around sunset. At night, the SkyGarden becomes a bar, and visitors could enjoy the night view with music. 🙂

Also, Check out The Urban Hanging Garden.

London Sky Garden
London Sky Garden – its hip its free its 一網打盡 #london #skygarden #roof #shard #view #uk

#4 Paris

The view – The spider web-like city grid, romantic blue mansard rooftops, historic landmarks… and so much more

Paris Montparnasse

The usual choice: Tour Eiffel, Arc de Triomphe, et plus…

My “even-better” choice: Montparnasse

Welcome to Paris! Everyone loves Paris for different reasons. The consistent blue mansard rooftops that cover the city is one of mine. Although there aren’t really that many tall buildings from the 1st  to 20th arrondissement, visitors have quite a lot of options: They could climb to the top of Notre Dame tower, go to the roof of the department store Printemps Haussmann, or queue the way up to the observatory deck of Arc de Triomphe.

At the Arc de Triomphe, visitors could appreciate a perfect symmetrical view from the Place Charles de Gaulle down the Avenue des Champs-Élysées.

Arc de Triomphe Paris
Been to Paris a few times, this is the first time I see l’Arc de Triomphe. #architecture #paris #france #travel #arcdetriomphe

Not all the best viewpoints are at famous sites. Through the windows from Musée d’Orsay or Centre Pompidou, the silhouette of the Eiffel Tower and the Sacré-Cœur is unforgettable.

However, among all these, Tour Montparnasse 56 is a hidden gem in terms of offering the most impressive view of Paris. No lines, no crush, no obstruction. Go up 689 feet within seconds with Europe’s fastest elevator. Everything,  and yes, everything in Paris is in view. Some say it has the best viewpoint in Paris because it’s the only place you won’t see this sore thumb in the Paris cityscape… somehow I agree!

More pictures and insight for Where to Get the Most Stunning View of Paris.

Tour Montparnasse 56 Paris
Tour Eiffel, it is so iconic and it is magical just looking at it… #eiffel #paris

#3 Tokyo

The view – modern architecture, chaotic road networks, the energetic city vibe, and on a clear day – the Mount Fuji

Tokyo Cityview

The usual choice: The Tokyo Tower, The Tokyo Skytree, and more…

My “even-better” choice: Tokyo Cityview and Skydeck

Tokyo - SkytreeTokyo is a metropolis that sometimes it’s hard to find a focal point. Many major cities in the western world usually have a central point (it could be a central train station, a CBD with a skyscraper cluster, or a large meeting point of freeways). For Tokyo, each district developed as an independent city, and it’s hard to identify a signature skyline. It might have been the Tokyo Tower for the last 50 years or so, and lately, the Tokyo Skytree took over and become one of the coolest lookouts in the Capital of Japan.

The highest reaching point of Skytree’s observatory deck is 451.2 meters (out of its 634 meters total height). The tower is located in the Sumida district; the new landmark revitalized an old neighborhood in the city of Tokyo.

IMG_0818Roppongi is probably my favorite area in Tokyo. Every time I visited Tokyo, I went to Roppongi. It’s a hip and trendy district with some new residential developments; Besides, the location is convenient, between Ginza and Shibuya / Shinjuku.

Tokyo Roppongi Hill SkydeckThe Mori Tower’s Tokyo City View experience is my “even better” choice. Yes, it’s not just an observatory. It has an art museum and art gallery on the top floor of the Mori Tower. The entry ticket includes a visit to the modern art exhibition and the indoor observatory deck, and it’s a prestigious exhibition site in the city: many famous artists have displayed their work there – like Annette Messenger, Yayoi Kusama… and Ai Wei Wei.

If the weather allows, it’s possible to go up to the sky deck and enjoy a 360-degree view of the Tokyo metro area. Asakusa, Odaiba, Shiodome, Shibuya… and even Yokohama.

#2 Hong Kong

The View – Modern and dense skyscrapers along Victoria Harbor, a unique combination of sea, urban development, and mountain range

Hong Kong Sky 100

The usual choice: The Victoria Peak

My “even-better” choice: Sky 100

Everyone has heard about Victoria Peak at one point. It’s probably the most visited tourist site in the city, and it is the best viewpoint of the spectacular city skyline. True – the peak is actually incredible, and the historical peak tram ride adds fun to the entire experience. Somehow the fast-paced city changed so fast that visitors may need to have a change of scenery. How about viewing capturing Hong Kong’s unique skyline from a different angle across the Harbor?

The International Commerce Centre is located in the Kowloon Peninsula and currently the tallest building in the city. From the 102nd to the 118th floor – The Ritz-Carlton is the highest hotel in the world, with the world’s highest swimming pool, and bar right at the top of the 118th floor. The Observatory Sky 100 is on the 100th floor of the building, featuring a panoramic view of the entire Hong Kong and Kowloon areas.

For a better view of the sea, check out The Best Free Spots to View the Hong Kong Skyline.

Sky100 Hong Kong
Capturing the Hong Kong Skyline from a different angle…

 #1 New York

The view – A concrete jungle where dreams were made of, the Manhattan skyline is not just a view, it’s a dream


The usual choice: The Empire State Building, One World Observatory, and more…

My “even-better” choice: Top of the Rock

Everyone recognizes the Empire State Building. It was probably because the building is 80-year-old, and was featured in so many Hollywood blockbusters like King Kong, An Affair to Remember, and Sleepless in Seattle… The 102-story tall building remained to be the world’s tallest building until 1972. The 86th-floor observation is definitely the “place-to-be” for visitors to immerse in New York’s sights.

New Yok Top of the Rock.jpg

New York Top of the RockSomehow, in the same prime location of mid-Manhattan, another skyscraper offers an “even better” scene of both north and south. The Top of the Rock at the Rockefeller Center is also a “historic” observation deck since it opened to the public back in 1933. Top of the Rock is six-level high and offers some of the best views of the Big Apple’s Skyline: an unobstructed view of the greenery in Central Park, calm yet busy Hudson River, blinding neon lights of Times Square, magnificently lit Empire State Building, all the way to the lower Manhattan.

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Some of the other coolest observatory decks in the world!


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