Why So Many Young Professionals Are Relocating to Austin, TX

Why So Many Young Professionals Are Relocating to Austin, TX

In the 21st century, Austin has been one of the fastest-growing metros in the US, and much of that growth comes from young people relocating to the state capital. But why are so many young professionals relocating to Austin, Texas?

Our breakdown will explain the benefits for young people in Austin, from the job opportunities to the cost of living and the exciting things to do in the city!

Job Opportunities

As fun and exciting as Austin is, the primary reason many young people just beginning their careers relocate to the city is the job market. Particularly for those interested in tech jobs, Austin is the biggest hub for the industry east of Silicon Valley.

Fun Fact: Austin has become such a popular destination for tech companies some refer to it as “Silicon Hills.”

Facebook, Google, and Dell all house their headquarters in Austin, and the city is a hotspot for tech start-ups. But those aren’t the only industries in the capital—health care, entertainment, and education are all huge job sectors in Austin. It’s why Austin has a lower unemployment rate than the state of Texas and the US!

Affordable Cost of Living

Typically, cities with so many job opportunities that attract young professionals are also expensive. Despite its massive influx of residents, Austin maintains an average cost of rent in the city and a higher median salary than the national average.

There’s a wide variety of neighborhoods in Austin for relocators to consider, all with affordable options for single residents and families. When you combine no state income tax with reasonable rent prices and a high median salary, you get the ideal city for young professionals.

The Weather

As impressive as the economic factors of Austin are, there’s no doubt that the beautiful year-round weather is a benefit, too! Even in the middle of January, the average temperature in the city hovers around 60 degrees and reaches a comfortable but not overbearing 80 degrees in the summer.

The comfortable weather all year means that Austin is a fantastic city for those who love spending time outdoors! Nearby parks, rivers, and lakes mean that residents can do outdoor activities all year, like:

    • Hiking
    • Swimming
    • Biking
    • Kayaking
    • Running

The Culture

There’s no doubt that Austin has a distinguishable charm that people, especially young professionals, are drawn to, along with the nice weather and robust job market. It didn’t earn its title as “The Live Music Capital of the World” accidentally!

Austin welcomes an unending procession of musical acts to town, from classical jazz to hip hop. Before and after the live show, grab a bite from Austin’s famous food scene and its army of food trucks serving up delicious food right on the street!

Now you see why so many young professionals choose to relocate to Austin, Texas! Austin checks all the boxes of what young people are looking for in a new city between the job market, the weather, and the music and food scene!

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  1. It’s 101 degrees out in the summer and it’s expensive 500k average on a home. Either you live in lala land or this was written from a rich kids perspective.

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