10 Places to Visit in Turkey’s Winter

Before looking at my notes about “10 Places to Visit in Turkey’s winter”, I should say something that comes to my mind: How many days do you need for traveling a country? I am not talking about India, Japan, and Thailand. How many days will be enough for traveling Cappadocia, Istanbul, Ephesus, which everyone is a fan of these beautiful cities all around the world? Before traveling around the world, I should talk about the beauties of this magnificent city, Turkey. I am starting to explain the best 10 Places to Visit in Turkey’s winter.

10 Places to Visit in Turkey’s Winter

Winter! I have described in my article how boring the winter season is, and that I personally do not like it. But in some lands, especially in the Southern Hemisphere, people have a summer season while we are in winter.

In those beautiful places, while the summer is coming and the air is warmed up, beaches are full of people. But at this time we are having the winter season that we could not love actually. It’s all very well but, just because it’s winter, will we wait for spring desperately?

turkey winter 1.jpg

No. We will enjoy this season; we will go on planning and daydreaming. Well, then how is it? Where shall we go in winter? “Each season has its own beauty in winter but where to go in Turkey?”, so I’m starting to tell my route in the “winter season” for all of you.


Sea-Sand-Sun triplet! No, this time I’m going to talk about another feature. I will tell you something about this city; it is my homeland, where I lived for 18 years old, and still the city that helps me to hold on to life. For example, I will talk about the beauty of soil odor in this city after it is rained. I will mention the fresh smell coming from Mendos Mountain, and the absurd smile thanks to the warm air from the Mediterranean.


I will mention one of the most beautiful sunsets you can see in the world while you are walking through the cordon for hours and rest. Even if I travel all around the world, maybe 50 countries or 100 countries, I will not give up on that fascinating beauty!

When you go to the fish market in the evening times, you can learn about more than 50 fish kinds which belong to what climate from the tradesman. You can cook the fish that you choose at the nearby restaurants. After the sweet conversation, you will think about that city like “Do not ever finish!”


I would like to mention the calmness of Ölüdeniz, stayed hidden places of Kayaköy, and the places where no one else lives in these bays. Actually, there are many ideas for writing, but I will tell you in the next article, my friend. If you want to quiet, calm and peaceful holiday, you should go to my favorite place.

  • How many days is enough for Fethiye: 2 to 4 days will be enough.
  • Where you go after Fethiye: Marmaris, Kaş, Kekova, Dalyan, Gökova, Gocek


Would a city be nice in all seasons? If it is Cappadocia, yes! Are there any unique places like there in the world? I do not know that it exists. I do not have any idea how I can describe the unique view that Fairy Chimney is covered with white snow, which was formed with Spitfire from the volcano 60 million years.


I have been there four times, I saw all the beauty of the place every season, but I still visit this magnificent city sometimes. I travel to the Urgup-Goreme-Avanos region by walking either at sunrise or at sunset. Especially I enjoy someplace which has a fireplace, wouldn’t that be great? I missed a lot!


When you arrive, do not forget to visit wine cellars and to join Turkish nights in the evening. I would also strongly recommend that you should taste the rich dishes of Anatolia, the kebab cooked in a sealed clay pot and terra cotta beans (Please check: Cappadocia Travel Guide).

  • How many days are enough for Cappadocia: 2 to 4 days will be enough.
  • Where you go after Cappadocia: Ihlara Valley, Kayseri

Yedigöller National Park-Bolu

Yedigöller National Park is beautiful all seasons. It will be even better after the snow has fallen. You want to paint the beauty of it by sitting in the corner. It is the main fascinating place that is so close to Istanbul. It makes enamor the people. You never want to return.


Where should I visit Yedigöller National Park? as the name implies (the meaning of Yedigöller is seven lakes), there are 7 of them. All lakes and the region are decorated with nature. You can walk, run, and sweat off in the morning forests. Shout at the top of your voice! Enjoy freedom and nature! Spend at least 1 day in this breathtaking beauty. Be thankful that you breathe. Even when you arrive in Bolu and you can also see the surrounding area.

  • How many days will be enough for Yedigöller National Park: 1 to 2 days will be enough.
  • Where you go after Yedigöller National Park: Around Bolu


It is the easternmost of the country, and It is one of the coldest places. It’s all very well but why should I go to Kars? Let me tell you that the most important activity in Kars is the ski resort, which is 55 km away. The complex, which is 2800 meters in height, is located 45 minutes away from Kars Airport.


The most beautiful feature is the crystalline snow structure here, found in the Alps. It’s such an arty place. In the complex, there are 5 different tracks which are almost 12 km. The area at 2800 meters above sea level is covered with Scotch pine trees.

  • How many days will be enough for Sarıkamış: 1 to 2 days will be enough.
  • Where you go after Sarıkamış: Lake Çıldır, The Ancient Ghost City of Ani.


Is a list of “places to visit in Turkey” would be without Uludağ? Of course, not! It is 1 hour away from Bursa and 220 km away from Istanbul. It is a crowded place. You will find yourself in the middle of the crowd while you are looking far from the crowd or I do not know maybe I felt that way.


It is a frequent destination, especially for ski lovers, but it is good for you to rest your head and escape from some of those noisy big cities. At the same time, many events, entertainment, and concerts are organized in Uludag.

  • How many days will be enough for Uludağ: 2 to 3 days will be enough.
  • Where you go after Uludağ: Cumalıkazık, Suuçtu Falls, Tirilye


It is one of my favorite places. It is neither far away nor so crowded. Get in the car, it is a breakpoint for the weekend. It is my destination point for relaxing especially in snowy winter by going into the forest during the trip. During the travel, everywhere is the ideal resting area.


There is also a ski track. If you say that you are going to go skiing, you can prefer the ski resort where the complexes are. There is also one hotel in Kartepe, which has 4650 people capacity per hour and 12 tracks.

  • How many days will be enough for Kartepe: 1 to 2 days will be enough.
  • Where you go after Kartepe: Maşukiye, Kocaeli Province.


I know. Especially winters are very very cold. How much more reasonable is it to go in the winter season, a place that’s colder than -30 degrees? I think so. Why? Palandöken ski center, located 10 minutes away from the city center, is one of the beautiful places to be seen during the winter season.


These lands are covered with snow for 6 months. It is located at an altitude of 3,185 meters. Whether you are staying in the city center or coming for one day, you can stay in hotels in Palandöken. I also suggest that you do not come back without eating cağ kebab.

  • How many days will be enough for Palandöken: 2 to 3 days will be enough.
  • Where you go after Palandöken: Erzurum Province


Lake Abant in Bolu. It is one of the peaceful places that must be seen in all seasons, not only in the winter season. Lake Abant is surrounded by very long pine trees, the description of the landscape cannot describe with words.


Snowflakes are like picture postcards and they show the sight to your eyes. I do not know how to describe that peaceful place!

All I’m saying is that you must go in winter to get lost in the peaceful nature during the day, take some breaths and live this moment. Especially it is located 3-4 hours away for escaping 1-2 days. If you like taking photographs, I suggest you put Lake Abant at the beginning of the list.

  • How many days will be enough for Lake Abant: 2 to 3 days will be enough.
  • Where you go after Lake Abant: Yedigöller National Park, Bolu Province.


It is one of the most beautiful places to visit for one day. If you say “we will stay”, there are hostels and 5-star hotels. Sapanca is a place that makes it easier for people to breathe, in nature, in the deep blue lake, in the shade of very long trees, and on a snowy winter day.


First of all, you wake up early in the morning and begin with the famous breakfasts. Afterward, you should go to no end areas from the forestry areas around the lake. Go down to the lake and drink a cup of hot tea. When you have already come, you should eat islama meatball (meatballs on toasted bread soaked in beef broth and red pepper) which is regional food.

  • How many days will be enough for Sapanca: 1 to 2 days will be enough.
  • Where you go after Sapanca: Maşukiye, Derbent, Sapanca Lake.


Let’s talk about the Black Sea region. Ilgaz Ski Resort, which is one of the most beautiful ski resorts on the Black Sea, is located between Kastamonu and Çankırı.


The complex, which serves between December-April, is 2,850 meters in height. Between fir and pine trees, it is located in the Ilgaz National Park. Ski lovers can be skiing at night in case it makes them more comfortable. The complex is well-priced.

  • How many days will be enough for Ilgaz: 1 to 2 days will be enough.
  • Where you go after Ilgaz: Devrez Valley, Ilgaz National Park.

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  1. Nice places to see in Turkey’s Winter really! I would also like to fly over there. Only the coldness I would fear.

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