Fontainebleau. Music & the Scenic Forest.

Fontainebleau. Music & the Scenic Forest.

It was my first hot air balloon flight, and I had a great time flying over the scenic Fontainebleau Forest, and there was a music festival!

Fontainebleau Music Festival - 4

Fontainebleau is a commune in the metro area of Paris, which is about 45 minutes away from the Gare de Lyon in the city center. To the Parisian, Fontainebleau is a nice getaway spot from the hustle and bustle; to the tourists, Fontainebleau is merely an optional excursion whenever they visit Paris. It’s Paris after all! I believe most would barely have enough time to cover all the highlights in the city in a few days. Furthermore, the widely-known and extravagant landmark, Château de Versailles, is closer to the city than the historic Château de Fontainebleau.

I did mention that the Château de Fontainebleau is a hidden gem in Paris’s backyard, and we did something more, actually, when we were in town. The historic town could also be exciting and active with the beautiful scenic forest.

We didn’t actually plan it, but so happened we were in the midst of the Fontainebleau Music Festival while we were there. We stayed at the Hotel Aigle Noire, a boutique hotel right on the main street, Rue Grande, which is also the core of the music festival; the only thing that affected us during the festival was that the street was blocked for buses to pass through! Other than that, the hotel has a great location right in the corner of the Château de Fontainebleau and we had immediate access to the festivities after we checked in.

Fontainebleau hosts various festivals that attract lots of locals throughout the year (also, tourists, of course). It was nice to get a feel of the festivities and music scene in France. In fact, another jazz music festival, Django Reinhardt Festival 2017, is around the corner!

During the music festival, the main street became the stage of musical talents. Booths were set up at different spots along the street. Once the sun went down, the music came on. Each booth was separated by a distance so that it won’t interfere with the other, and they played music in a different genre: party music, disco, live bands, and salsa. Anyone was welcome to just stand there, or hop into the front and dance! They may not be world-class musicians but I just think it was great that there was a platform for them to share their passion and love, and the audience participated and showed appreciation. We enjoyed the music yet we didn’t stay out late as we have something else planned really early the next morning with nature. 😊

Fontainebleau is a beautiful existence apart from the historic architecture but its scenic forest; we decided to go for a hot air balloon flight and it was my first time on a balloon! The hot air balloon covers the emerald green forests, rivers, and romantic villages. The flight was about an hour and it was an amazing experience.

Balloon rides in Fontainebleau are scheduled basically every day in the morning and evening if weather permits. They would release a small balloon beforehand and make sure the weather was calm enough for the flight.

I had a few helicopter rides in different places before (while the copter ride in the Grand Canyon National Park was still by far THE BEST in my life – Flying over the Grand Canyon), it was my first flight in a balloon and at the same time, my nasty (basically asshole-ish) “friends” kept pinpointing and showing me YouTube videos about the horrific hot air balloon accidents all over the world. You know what, the pilots were experienced and I had a great experience in the air.


Up! The balloon flights above the scenic forest of Fontainebleau

The difference between the helicopter and hot air balloon was that hot air balloons are “less intruding” in a certain way. As we took off, we immediately soar through the farmlands, farmhouses, and forest quietly and the view was amazing. We rose and sank as we (actually the pilot) wished. Sometimes we were so close to the top of the trees or the pond, I felt like I could almost touch the water, sometimes we were hovering above fields and farmhouses that dogs would bark at us as they saw a giant UFO above them, and then we rose high up and had a panorama of the entire forest up and above.

Fontainebleau Hot Air Balloon - 4

After about an hour we were steadily landed (and I don’t know how every pilot did it) exactly on a spot where the crew greeted us with hot coffee, bakeries, and champagne to toast to a successful flight!

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    1. Thanks Chloe and I think there are still a lot to explore! I am now in Seoul and heading back to Japan the end of the month!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  1. We have been to Château de Versailles and the Fontainebleau resort in Miami, but not to Château de Fontainebleau. Thanks for sharing this hidden gem, adding the place and the balloon ride to the bucketlist.

  2. I’ve been to Paris a dozen times and never been to Fontainebleau. Must change that! The hot air balloon ride looks dreamy!

    1. great, Jessica, maybe next time when you are in Paris, you could put that in your itinerary and let me know what you think!

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