Make The Best of Your Alaskan Expedition: Top Places To Visit

One of the delights of life is to travel to new places and explore the beauty available for us to see. Travelling has always been a pleasure and privilege that many people create long bucket lists for. There are beautiful destinations all over the globe, beckoning us to visit delve in its picturesque depths. From rocky mountains and pristine water bodies to beautiful green pastures and adventurous deserts, the earth is truly an astounding place to live in. We have the opportunity to explore distant places where the sun never sets for half a year and chase astral lights that put on a show every night with unreal colors. No matter where you go, there are spectacular visuals waiting to be explored!

One such dream destination for millions is in the Arctic region called Alaska. With snowy beauty and rich wildlife in forests, Alaska is more than just another snow-covered destination. The US state has one of the richest cultural histories that can teach us all about the values of native culture. Apart from the cultural value, Alaska is home to some of the most beautiful locales. If you’re packing your bags to embark on an Alaskan expedition, it is always a great idea to look up references for things to do and places to visit. This blog is here to help with the top places we recommend to anyone visiting Alaska, be it for the first time or tenth! Let’s get right into it and see what the stunning destination has to offer.

Take a glacier tour

Glaciers are one of the rarest jewels of our planet at the moment, dwindling due to climate change. If you’re visiting for the first time, take one of the Alaska glacier tours to make sure you don’t miss out on the amazing sights. Alaska has several of these glaciers that will leave you awestruck and even more passionate about their preservation. Over 5% of Alaska is made of glaciers with more than 100,000 of them in this state. A few glaciers are hard to reach such as the Ruth Glacier. You can visit other closely accessible ones such as the glaciers Byron, Matanuska, Portage, Exit and others. They know all the crevices inside out and have all the necessary equipment so you won’t have to rent them.

Explore the Arctic circle

Not many people reach the Arctic Circle while traveling around Alaska, which is why it is an accomplishment to boast about. There are several road and flight expeditions to Coldfoot in the Arctic circle. It is an encampment in the Brooks Mountain Range, from where you will be driven through the mountain passes to Fairbanks and over the tundra. The notable stops include the roadhouses, Trans Alaska Pipeline, remote villages, Yukon River, and the infamous Arctic Circle sign. If you’re traveling in the winter, you can stop to spot some gorgeous northern lights. At the end of the tour, you get a certificate proving you’ve touched the Arctic Circle!

Visit the local breweries

The breweries in Alaska have been a part of their lifestyle and economy or a long time. Known for its spectacular brewing companies, you can catch a serving or more of local suds. This is one of the best ways to befriend the locals and have a nice conversation going. The people are interesting and have many stories about their adventures in Alaska, especially climbing the summits and fishing.

Kenai Fjords National Park

Have you dreamt of kayaking in tranquil water with bobbing fragments of glacial ice? The Kenai Fjords National Park offers visitors the opportunity to take a kayaking trip through the area, with regular guided tours. The entire adventure lasts about three hours where you can admire the natural vegetation and fauna. If you’re lucky, you may even spot a few whales!

Got to the Alaska Native Heritage Center

Learning about native cultures that are responsible for some of the earliest human settlements in Alaska is one of the most fascinating experiences. Visit the Alaska Native Heritage Center for the most elaborate and extensive collection of artifacts spanning over 10,000 years. The collections showcase the life and culture of the 213 tribes of Alaska, with experts available to answer questions about indigenous lives.

Watch wildlife with the Alaskan Railroad

One of the most gratifying experiences of visiting new places is taking in the local wildlife. Alaska is no different but made even more special due to the unique way humans and wildlife coexist in harmony. Take the Alaska Railroad’s services for a trip while spotting majestic creatures that walk the lands.

Chase the Northern Lights

It is the dream of billions to see the Nothern Lights or the Aurora Borealis with their own eyes. In Alaska, the Northern Lights create a stunning display, but there are a few seasons when the sightings are more generous. Align your visit with such timings to watch the beautiful lights aglow, lighting up the night sky.

Go seek the majestic whales

Whales are a few of those creatures capable of humbling us with their sheer presence. They sing the song of the ancients, with such timeless wisdom that is incomprehensible to humans. All we can do is watch them in amazement with the grace and beauty of just beasts that dominate the element of water. When you visit Alaska, the trip is not complete without going whale sighting. This is an experience of a lifetime that leaves everyone changed, thanks to the sheer size and powerful magnetism of these beautiful creatures.

Wrapping Up

Tourism is very different from exploration; while the first may take you through a destination quickly, exploration gives you the time to take in all the details and beauty of each location that makes it special. We hope that you plan your visit to Alaska in a way that you can take the time to admire these gems of experiences and take back memories worth a lifetime. Stay tuned for more such informative guides to stoke your wanderlust!

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  1. Great locations to visit for new tourists! Beautiful sites and culture. The national park is definitely on my list of places to visit!

  2. Alaska is on my list of places to visit for sure. I would love to see everything in person. I know it has to be breathtaking to see the glacier tours and the Arctic circle.

    1. Me too! Alaska is somehow very big so it would require at least a week or two to cover them all.

  3. Alaska is a huge state and has many things to see in all the seasons. There is much natural beauty with all of the seasons. In Fairbanks, we have the World Championship Ice Classic where in late February and March you can see the best ice sculptures. As a life time Alaskan, I love all that it has to offer. Come and visit!

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