The Top 5 Countries To Buy a Vacation Home

The Top 5 Countries To Buy a Vacation Home

Buying a vacation home in another country gives you opportunities for a much-needed glorious escape from reality whenever you want. However, finding a country for this vacation home makes for a difficult decision. How could you possibly choose? Below, you will find our compiled list of the top five countries you need to consider for your home away from home.

Costa Rica | Central America

Costa Rica is coined as one of the greenest countries globally because of its advancements in sustainability. This means your vacation home will experience minimal pollution throughout the years. This country is also on the cheaper end, leaving you with more money in your vacation budget.

Caribbean Islands | North America/Central America

The Caribbean gives the aura of a stress-free environment that’s perfect for new retirees looking to settle down in a vacation spot. The Caribbean home-buying process will depend on what region in the islands you want to buy a home. Generally, these islands offer breathtaking views with a mixture of cultural influences that you cannot pass up.

Croatia | Europe

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, Croatia is the ultimate destination for you because you’ll be surrounded by medieval villages where the hit HBO show was filmed. With many smaller islands scattered about Croatia, you’ll find the natural beauty of this country to be magnificent. This won’t be the cheapest country to buy a vacation home, but it is still less expensive than most western countries.

Greece | Europe

Do you appreciate architecture? If so, consider moving to Greece. Greece offers the most exquisite Mediterranean architecture that will make you feel like you’re living in a palace. The landscape is unbeatable, as are the country’s quaint villages with a massive amount of history.

Mexico | North America

Where you want to vacation in Mexico will determine the price of your vacation home. Tulum is a generally inexpensive option that features white beaches and dense jungles to explore. With environmental protection laws in place, properties are far less abundant, but this also means you won’t have a bunch of pesky and annoying neighbors surrounding your lot. You’ll quickly fall in love with the culture’s Mayan influence and the different destinations to explore within the country.

Which country would you purchase a vacation home in? Weigh your options because this is a huge life decision. Any of these countries will offer a lifetime of happiness and bliss, even if you only vacation there once or twice a year.

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