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Scenic 49 Mile Drive – San Francisco’s Best Kept Secret

Have you heard of the scenic 49-mile Scenic Drive? The original scenic road tour highlight was created by the San Francisco Down Town Association. To me, it’s the best way to explore the city’s downtown area and have a taste of all the historic sites, landmarks, and natural beauty.

Kenting, What to see & do?

Kenting is located at in the southernmost point of Taiwan Island; and the area is a popular travel destination that has more than a few nice beaches or local food markets – there are a lot more things to see and do!

Back to 1953 – The Next Day…

The mission for the morning is to visit the four plazas in the Old Havana, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that contains the core of the original city. Apart from the heritage spots within the area, Havana is also filled with stories and antidotes about the legendary American novelist Ernest Hemingway…

Back to 1953

1953: the year when the Cuban Revolution took place and since then the time in Havana stood still, owing to the American embargo. This policy had Cuba perfectly preserved as a giant, spectacular open-air museum of 1950s communism without the American influence – the country has no chain stores, no fast food, no Coca Cola, no Starbucks, and even no outdoor advertising… the country, to a lot of travelers, is unique and fascinating.