5 Must Visit Places for Families Traveling to Orlando Florida

Dubbed the “Theme Park Capital of the World,” Orlando is the perfect destination to play and bond with your little ones. The city is oozing with endless fun with its many themed parks, luxury resorts, and superb attractions. Whether you are just vacationing for a weekend or an extended trip, here are the must-visit places for families travelling to Orlando, Florida.

Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Orlando Resort is a massive and thrilling park offering numerous activities for kids of all ages. It has world-class attractions and rides and offers immersive experiences, giving you and your kids the trip of a lifetime. The park has two theme parks, including a water park and an incredible shopping complex, offering endless things to see and do.

At Universal Studios, your kids can meet with some of their favourite movie characters, an experience they will never forget. From superheroes to villains, there is a lengthy line-up of characters you and your child can meet at the park. These include Optimus Prime, Shrek, Minions, SpongeBob, and more! Stick around for the daily Superstar Parade to see as many characters as possible.

Universal Orlando Resort is also famous for its special events and holidays, and that’s another reason to visit the park on your holiday to Orlando. At the start of each year, the park begins with a fun parade with festive floats featuring different movie characters. They also hold concerts with some of the biggest names in the music industry. By the end of the year, Universal Orlando is decked in festive Christmas ornaments and holiday cheer – a perfect place to spend the holidays with your loved ones.

Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex   

If you’ve got curious little kids who want to know more about space, take them to the Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex, the visitor centre of NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre. Here, your kids will have a blast checking out the delightful exhibits and fun attractions, offering a glimpse into the world of space.

The Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex is a massive complex divided into different zones. Within these are different attractions and tours grouped in chronological eras. As you explore the complex, you’ll learn many things, such as the inception of space exploration and current and ongoing missions. You will also have the opportunity to listen to stories of humans in space. The complex also holds spacecraft memorabilia, IMAX theatres, and many other exhibits.

The Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex is within the premises of the Kennedy Space Centre close to Daytona Beach. It opens daily from 9 AM to 5 PM. You can spend around 6 to 8 hours exploring the visitor centre to see everything and make the most of your visit.

Walt Disney World

Every child dreams of a Walt Disney World holiday in Florida, all while seeing their favourite Disney characters come to life. Renowned worldwide for its character-themed entertainment and attractions, Disney World is where adults reminisce about their childhood and kids live their dreams. The massive complex in Orlando offers numerous things to discover, see, and explore.

Seeing your child’s excitement upon meeting their favourite Disney characters is priceless. It’s one of the most magical things a child can experience. Aside from the live shows and parades, Disney World offers meet and greet with Disney Characters, where your child can talk with Disney Princesses that they only hear from books and movies!

The theme is significant in what makes Disney World a magical place. Disney World immerses guests in a completely different world. Each theme park in Disney has a set of attractions and rides to fascinate every adult and child. One of the most popular attractions is the Magic Kingdom Park, featuring magnificent castles that look more magical at night, thanks to its festive fireworks display.

If you have adult kids that prefer thrilling rides, Disney World has something for them, from the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad to Avatar Flight of Passage. Note that some of these rides may have a minimum requirement and may be unsafe for younger kids.


Gatorland is a good choice for families who love wildlife. It’s where you can see the largest displays of alligators – thousands of them live in the park! Aside from gators, Gatorland is also home to other wildlife, such as snakes, turtles, wild cats, crocodiles, and more.

Over the years, Gatorland continues to evolve, consistently adding new exhibits, attractions, and experiences, offering numerous fun activities for adults and kids. Aside from seeing wild animals, you can also witness special shows of the resident animals on your visit to Gatorland. Visitors will even have a chance to participate in these shows.

Although Gatorland describes itself as the world’s alligator capital, there’s much more to see and do at the park than just seeing a massive collection of alligators. A trip to Gatorland will entertain every family member, making your trip to Orlando even more memorable.

Lake Eola Park

For families who love to explore nature and take up fun outdoor adventures, Lake Eola Park is perfect. The massive park features a playground, an amphitheatre, a fountain, a Chinese pagoda, and picnic areas. One of the highlights of your visit is the impressive Walt Disney Amphitheatre. It hosts numerous events like open-air movie screenings, fundraisers, festivals, and live performances.

Lake Eola has an open space for picnics, so don’t forget to bring snacks and drinks on your visit. But if it’s not your thing, you can find eateries at the park, including a lakeside grill, where you can marvel at the tranquil views of the lake as you indulge in delectable food, from sandwiches to burgers, fresh salads and seafood.

Kids fond of outdoor adventures will find plenty to enjoy at Lake Eola Park. One of these is by renting paddleboats. In the middle of the park is a lake offering cute paddleboats for hire. These boats look like elegant white swans that will delight your little ones! You can also get close to the iconic fountain in the middle of the lake as you paddle your boat.

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