How To Properly Plan for a Family Road Trip

How To Properly Plan for a Family Road Trip

Road trips can either be the most incredible adventure you take or a regrettable experience you just want to forget. It all depends on how you plan. Taking to the road with no destination in mind sounds exhilarating in theory, but realistically, a well-thought-out trip ensures more excitement and less stress.

Read on to learn how to properly plan for a family road trip and make the most of your summer!

Choose the Right Vehicle

It’s a family road trip, so you need the perfect family vehicle for your adventure. You can always take your car, but renting a vehicle has some benefits worth factoring into your decision.

For example, a rented vehicle saves you more money because it stops you from racking up extra miles on your own car. Those extra miles can lead to damage and force you to do more maintenance down the road. Meanwhile, once your road trip is over, you can drop a rented car or van off with the dealer and let them worry about the vehicle’s long-term upkeep!

Depending on the type of vehicle you rent, you can also save a bundle on gas. If the vehicle has good gas mileage, you’ll make fewer stops during your trip.

Keep a Cooler on Demand

Don’t forget the snacks! You need something to distract the kids, and a snack keeps their hands busy and their tummies full. Choose some healthy and nutritious options for the whole family to enjoy. Have a cooler to keep things like fruit and drinks cool and fresh.

You’ll need to have plenty of protein so everyone can keep their energy up. Have a few sandwiches in the cooler and some hard-boiled eggs. Include non-perishable items, too, like crackers and granola bars. You can avoid gas station snack prices by having plenty of food pre-packed.

The snacks also prevent you from any excessive spending at restaurants or fast-food places. Fast food is quick and easy but not the healthiest option on the road.

Choose the Perfect Destination

You can take a road trip just about anywhere, but that does not mean you should just start driving in any direction—plan for a journey that is not too close to home but not too far either. Plan to travel no more than a day’s trip or pick hotel stops along the way for longer journeys.

You save yourself and your family from feeling couped up in the car for too long. If you can choose a location with fun pitstops along the way, that can also prevent leg cramps and backseat complaining.

Make sure to include a park in one of those stops if possible. That way, you give your kids a chance to run free and explore and pack a smaller adventure into your road trip experience!

It’s not about the destination—it’s about the journey! Get the most out of your summer vacation and properly plan for your family road trip.

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  1. A cooler is super important, even a spare, for a trip. You don’t ho wmnay times we needed a cooler right on the spot during the family trips.

  2. I know! I would say once you have more experiences and trips you will know what to do.

  3. Thanks for the tips as I am planning one soon! Based on experience, no matter how organized we can go with the flow and be cool always..enjoy each moment 🙂

    1. So experience and preparation is important to be ready for anything in the flow that’s coming at you, and you can react quickly. 🙂

  4. Very good post. However, I think that any kind of family trip needs far more preparation and organization than a trip you take by yourself or with a friend. But it’s also very rewarding 😀

  5. For family road trip, planning is very important… And the points you have mentioned especially about choose good destination, I agree because we’ve been in trouble for that.

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