How To Keep Yourself Safe While Paragliding

How To Keep Yourself Safe While Paragliding

Paragliding is a recreational or competitive paramotor sport where you are suspended in a harness below attached to a flying fabric wing. This invigorating sport is perfect for adventurous people looking to test their limits and see new heights—literally. However, this activity has no room for recklessness. Keep yourself safe while paragliding by using the following advice.

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Use the Correct Equipment From Reputable Dealers

A lot of the accidents that happen while paragliding come from individual using the incorrect equipment. The smallest detail or imperfection could cause avoidable accidents. Ensure you purchase high-quality equipment, especially a paramotor harness, from a reputable source and always use the appropriate gear made specifically for this sport.

Inspect Equipment Before Each Flight

You are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t check your gear before each flight. You would much rather catch a defect in your equipment than pay the price in the air because you were too impatient to get up there. Create a routine of checking your helmet, harness, wings, lines, and other components. Use the same routine to inspect your gear every time to avoid forgetting a piece of equipment.

Don’t Use an Expert’s Paraglider if You Are a Beginner

You should never attempt a cross-country or performance paraglider without the proper experience first. Understand the basics of this sport before diving into the more complicated and competitive aspects. Plus, using a paraglider you are unfamiliar with could make you feel uncomfortable, which will cause disastrous situations.

Keep a Safe Distance From Others & Structures

Keeping a safe distance away from structures and other flyers is vital to attain control=. Avoid areas on the ground with a high volume of people, such as schools, parks, busy streets, or parking lots. If you do not have enough room to correct yourself after something goes wrong, it could leave you in a sticky situation.

Always Check Weather Conditions

Did you check the weather before you left for your adventure? Are you monitoring the weather while you’re in the air? Thermals, wind, and clouds are all critical components when you’re in the sky. Keep yourself safe while paragliding by understanding how meteorology works and constantly checking the conditions to ensure you’re flying in the appropriate weather.

Safety is key—especially when participating in a sport that suspends you in the air. Do not ignore any of the above advice for keeping yourself safe while gliding or you could be putting yourself in dangerous situations. This sport can be very energizing and breathtaking when you’re comfortable and out of harm’s way.

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