The Best Dog-Friendly Destinations for Family Camping

Camping with your family can be a wonderful bonding experience and one you’ll never forget. It offers a change of scenery, a refreshed perspective, and a much-needed break away from the stresses of life. And although taking your dog may seem like a no-brainer, looking for a dog-friendly camping site can be complicated.

Thankfully, you will now find many destinations that are friendly to dogs, offering fun attractions and places you and your furry friends can camp.

Here are some of the best dog-friendly destinations for family camping.

The Cairngorms, Scotland  

Famous for its breathtaking nature views, it’s not a surprise that the Cairngorms is one of the UK’s most popular camping spots. The stunning region is home to the country’s largest national park and has some of the UK’s tallest mountains. So, if you want to unwind in nature and spend quality time with your loved ones, visit the Cairngorms. And if you’re bringing your dogs, you’ll love the Cairngorms even more. It’s one of the most family-friendly places in the UK, offering many dog-friendly getaways.

Thanks to Scotland’s “free to roam” laws, the Cairngorms National Park has many glorious paths to take your furry friends for a walk. In addition, the park is home to many camping sites that will welcome dogs. However, be sure you and your dog will not leave any traces of where you, and your pet is under your control at all times.

When hiking around the park, it’s worth noting that the Cairngorms is home to some wild animals and birds that your dog can potentially upset. For instance, nesting birds are prone to disturbance and can easily get scared by the presence of dogs. So, make sure to control your dogs as you explore around the park.

Cornwall, England

Cornwall may be a small county, but it certainly packs a punch. It offers numerous things to see and do, and many are friendly to dogs. In fact, there are some excellent dog-friendly accommodation options here. But if you want your family getaway to be more memorable and exciting, stay at a camping site instead of sleeping in the usual hotel or resort.

Your family holiday to Cornwall won’t be complete without visiting the beach. Besides, Cornwall is a top destination for a relaxing beach holiday in the UK. Thankfully, many dog-friendly camping sites in Cornwall are close to the beach, and dogs are allowed on almost all beaches, especially if you visit outside the tourist season.

Aside from the beach, you will find other fantastic places to explore with your dogs in Cornwall. It has many lovely gardens that allow dogs to explore. Some indoor attractions also allow dogs on their premises. You will also not have difficulty looking for a pug grub that allows dogs. In fact, some of Cornwall’s best-rated restaurants accept well-behaved dogs.

Pembrokeshire, Wales         

Pembrokeshire is an ideal destination if you want to wake up to the stunning views of rocky coastlines on your family camping trip. Almost the entire coast is a national park, and you can find camping sites perched along rugged cliffs overlooking the sea, while some are close to fantastic surfing beaches. And the best part is – many of these sites allow dogs. In fact, you can take your well-controlled dogs on a hike along the Pembrokeshire Coast.

When camping or hiking at the Pembrokeshire Coast, control your dogs to avoid risks to other visitors and the wildlife in the park. Uncontrolled dogs can harm other animals and are also at risk of falling off the cliff. When walking with your dog along the Pembrokeshire Coast, you can pass through privately-owned farmland and wildlife habitats, so be a responsible pet owner.

There are numerous campsites along the Pembrokeshire trail and plenty of opportunities for wild camping. If your kids are up for the challenge, you can walk the entire route and stay at a campsite each night. Plan your hiking days before your journey since you will pass through long sections with no sites for camping nearby.

Provence, France

From picturesque countryside peppered with lavender fields to gorgeous beaches and secluded coastal bays, Provence has everything you need for a fun getaway with the family. Furthermore, the French region is home to charming villages and delectable wines.

When camping in Provence, you have plenty of options. You can rent a mobile home and drive the entire region or stay in a dog-friendly glamping site offering unique accommodations like luxury tents, cabins, or chalets. It’s also possible to stay in a tent if your family doesn’t mind doing it rough. You’ll find plenty of camping sites around Provence, whether you prefer to be close to the beach, in a hilltop town, in a small village, or in the countryside.

Provence boasts some of France’s most breathtaking natural views, and the best way to admire its charm is through hiking. Dogs are allowed to roam free on most trails in Provence. Winter and fall months are the best time to hike since the weather is favorable for you and your pet.

Costa Brava, Spain

Costa Brava is famous for its breathtaking coastlines, gorgeous coves, and fun outdoor pursuits, making it one of Spain’s top destinations for a holiday with the family. Families taking their dogs will find plenty of dog-friendly beaches in the region. Many of these beaches are close to the beautiful camping sites of Costa Brava, allowing for a fun and exciting camping trip with your furry friends.

The Costa Brava consists of two sections, the north, and the south. The northern section is more dog-friendly than the south, so it’s a great area to base your family camping trip. It’s home to several dog-friendly beaches, such as Platja de les Portes, Collera’s main beach. Another beach that allows dogs is Platja de Sant Jordi in Llanca, located in the northern section of the town. It’s a lovely sandy beach easily accessible on foot along the Cami de Ronda.

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