Ways To Calm Down if You’re Feeling Anxious While Flying

Ways To Calm Down if You’re Feeling Anxious While Flying

While some people love to travel and enjoy seeing the view above the clouds, others would rather skip this process. Traveling by plane can be nerve-racking for some individuals, and it’s completely valid. While every flyer has a different response to air travel, some report feeling sick or anxious during takeoff. If you feel nervous about flying, here are a few ways to calm down.

Strike Up a Conversation

Suppose you’re traveling with your family or friends or traveling solo and start feeling anxious; a great way to calm down while flying is by striking up a conversation. If you’re nervous about airplane safety, you should talk to your flight attendants and share your concerns. They will be happy to talk you through any worries or concerns.

Talk to your traveling companions to help get your mind off the thought of flying. Your friends or family can help distract you from the thought of flying.

Practice Breathing Exercises

Many people with flying anxiety experience difficulty breathing while on the plane, which could result in them holding their breath or having a panic attack. While sitting on the plane, ensure both feet are placed flat on the floor about a hip-width apart if space permits. Try breathing in through your nose and out your mouth and counting from one to five.

Drink Ginger Ale

When you’re on the plane, it could be tempting to drink a coffee or cocktail to help take the edge off. When flight attendants come around, request crackers and ginger ale. The best beverage choice for nervous flyers is ginger ale. Ginger ale will help settle your nervous stomach while keeping you hydrated on the plane.

Think About Something Else

Refocus your attention on something else while you’re flying if you’re starting to feel nervous. Carrying anxiety and stress throughout your flight can harm your body — especially if it’s a long one. Keep your mind occupied by watching a movie or listening to music or your favorite podcasts. You can even journal on your way to a new adventure! Take your mind off the flight and relax in your bubble.

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