Things You Need When You Live off the Grid

Things You Need When You Live off the Grid

There are various reasons for choosing to live off the grid, including sustainable living, using renewable energy, leaving a smaller carbon footprint, and leading a healthier lifestyle. If this is something you are considering, check out these things you need when you live off the grid to better understand your new lifestyle.

Land and Shelter

The first component of living off the grid is finding land to build a shelter. Conveniently, many manufacturing companies build tiny homes that are environmentally friendly. This will be your central hub for just about everything, so keep in mind the size and functionality of your new home.

Power and Heat

Power and heat are essential, especially for individuals embarking on this journey in colder climates. Solar panels are a fantastic source of renewable energy and will pay for themselves over time.

Also, consider the type of fireplace and chimney you want to install; with a wide variety of options, you could have a wood-burning stove, pellet stove, gas stove, etc. Remember the importance of routine chimney cleaning, even when you live out in the middle of nowhere. If a cleaning business is near your area, utilize their services to keep your chimney in tip-top shape.

Water and Food

While you can survive for a certain period of time without food or water, they are a necessity. Purchase or build your own water collector to use for washing dishes, cleaning yourself, and cooking. Additionally, think about how you plan on harvesting your food. Will you build a garden? Hunt on your new land? The possibilities are endless.

Waste Disposal

If you’re drinking water and eating food, you’re also producing waste. A septic system is a natural and environmentally friendly way to dispose of waste. As for food waste, you can create a composter that will produce quality fertilizer for your garden.

Emergency Supplies

Don’t forget the emergency supplies! Situations will arise that require emergency supplies; it is prudent to consider every possible scenario when preparing for your new home. A wide array of prepackaged first aid kits are available in stores, or you can curate your own.

Once you gather the essential things you need when you live off the grid, your new lifestyle will become easier. While you might not be fully prepared for every mishap, making a list is a great way to cover your bases. You’ll soon be ready to start your adventure and live a happy, healthy life.

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  1. Sustainability is a great idea and one we should all be working towards. I think the only problem is transport and, living quite remotely, how to obtain supplies. Owning a car, even an electric one, doesn’t really fit with the sustainability objective though a bicycle might suffice – good for fitness too !

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