The Celebration of Sling 100!

The Celebration of Sling 100!

Singapore do have it’s own “national cocktail” yet I bet not many tourist know. Find out the original, where to have it, and what’s in this drink!

Lately, the SG50 is celebrating the country’s independence (since the expulsion from Malaysia in on 7 August 1965). Since then the two countries walked separated paths. I have seen friends sharing light mapping videos, signs and banner are all over town.

SG Sling 3Weather is unpredictable. Weather could be quite predictable in Singapore. Stuffed and humid in the morning, followed by a downpour (maybe even thunderstorm) in the late afternoon, and then the moisture that cooled down the city got vaporized back up to the sky at night, and there you go, the great cycle running over and over again all year round. So, if you ever got yourself caught in the rain during the afternoon, how about heading indoor to enjoy a cocktail in a historic colonial structure? The Singapore Sling was invented and found in the Raffles hotel in 1915, and today this 100-year-old country signature drink is still in serving in the Long Bar. It is a mix of gin, Cherry Heering, lime juice, pineapple juice, Grenadine (Pomegranate syrup), Dom Benedictine, and Cointreau. Refreshing, sweet, and fruity.

And that’s how Jamie made it ūüôā

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