The Best Places in the World To Go Off-Roading

The Best Places in the World To Go Off-Roading

Off-roading is an excellent hobby because it lets you get out into the great outdoors to adventure in locations you usually wouldn’t be able to reach. If you’re new to the activity or looking for some places you haven’t gone to, you might be having trouble coming up with ideas.

Here are some of the best places in the world to go off-roading to get you started.

Death Valley

A trip to Death Valley National Park in California is a great way to see what the desert has to offer. Although you can’t go off-roading in the park, enthusiasts recommend the nearby Echo Pass and Inyo Mine Loop for some awesome 4×4 action.

Although it’s fairly easy to navigate, the route takes a few hours and has beautiful scenery. Smaller, non-off-roading vehicles can’t get out to these locations, so you should have plenty of space while exploring.

Whipsaw Trail

Located in south-central British Columbia, Whipsaw Trail is a popular attraction known for its beauty. Everything from water crossings to rock walls can get in your way, and it will most likely take you over 12 hours to get through it, so be sure to come prepared.

Take the necessary steps to take care of your vehicle, especially when going to hard-to-reach locations. Depending on your make and model, there might be some specific things to pay attention to. For example, Subaru owners can use a few tips to protect their vehicles during off-road adventures, such as choosing the right tires.

Fiordland National Park

Fiordland National Park offers some of New Zealand’s most desirable off-roading experiences. It’s in the southwest of the country’s South Island, so off-roaders can expect some of the most beautiful scenery they can find.

The park offers 4WD tours, trails, and accommodations, making it the perfect place for a long trip abroad. With various locations that you can access only with ATVs and off-roading vehicles, you’ll have a unique adventure far removed from other travelers.

Plan Accordingly To Enjoy Your Adventure

No matter where you decide to take a trip, going prepared will help you stay safe when the unexpected happens. Knowing the best places in the world to go off-roading will give you an idea of what to take beforehand.

Plan ahead and bring the correct supplies so that you can enjoy every second of your adventure.

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