3 Best Cities for Working Vacations in the US

The Best Cities for Working Vacations in the US

Many people are entertaining the new concept known as a work vacation, or “workcation.” This term describes one’s ability to fulfill work duties while enjoying leisurely rest in a beautiful location. The work vacation has become a much more popular and feasible option with the rise in remote work. If you have wanted to take your first “workcation,” then consider some of the best cities in the US for a superb working vacation.

Working Remote

Working remotely is a wonderful option that many people love because it allows them to go nearly anywhere they want and still make money. However, one of the main difficulties of working remotely is remote workers must maintain a consistent connection to the internet. When traveling and arriving in unfamiliar areas, a spotty connection is more than likely.

Many people who travel and work remotely recommend satellite internet. When traveling, you might choose a busy spot, or a destination secluded from others. No matter where you go, you want to ensure you have a connection that allows you to keep working. Satellite internet gives high-speed internet access in rural and crowded areas, whenever you need it.

Savannah, Georgia

If you love to learn more about the history of a place, then Savannah, Georgia should be your next work vacation stop. This city has countless historic landmarks, buildings, and roads that give you a peek back into the past. What’s more, the excitement never stops. You can also go on a spooky tour hoping to see ghosts, try the local cuisine, or enjoy an after-work drink near the Savannah River.

Miami, Florida

You might think Miami, Florida is only for parties, but there is so much more that this beach town offers. Miami might be the perfect place for those who enjoy art. There are so many artistic sights to take in and mull over. Head to Superblue Miami to immerse yourself in experimental art when you finish your work. You will have your senses heightened and find yourself in awe at the multisensory journey these world-renowned artists lead you on.

Palm Springs, California

Sometimes you need a change of pace in your working life, which is why Palm Springs is one of the best cities for working vacations in the US. You will find your inspiration grows boundless when you’re surrounded by mountain views, refreshing weather, and quintessential palm trees. Go on a scenic tram car ride, visit the desert botanical garden, or learn more about aviation at the Air Museum. When you arrive, you might want to extend your visit because there will always be something new for you.

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