Tips To Plan A Family Safari Adventure Trip

If you are an outdoor lover, you will probably want to pass on the love for adventure to your kids. Taking them out for nature walks, bird watching, and camping trips is an excellent option. You can plan a safari adventure to get the thrill to the next level. But planning a safari trip can be daunting when you have little ones or teens in tow. You have to consider factors like comfort and safety before taking kids to a remote location. Moreover, you can never be too sure how they will adapt to the rigors of the wild. Let us share a few actionable tips to plan a family safari adventure.

Start small

The waterbuck has a white and round marking on its butt, which the guide told us it’s called the “toilet seat”. Find out more about what animals you can meet in Kruger.

Although you may be enthusiastic about introducing your kids to the experience, starting small is a better idea. A trip to a nearby game park is a good way to prepare your family for an African safari.  Your children can see wild animals at a game park and learn to be patient while waiting for the sighting. Plan a short trip to make kids with the idea of being in the wild first. The next one can be an extended holiday.

Check age limits

Most private African safari operators and game reserves have specific age limits for participants. The minimum limit is 8-12 years for most options. Experts recommend avoiding taking young ones along for safety reasons. Remember to check the age limit before booking the vacation to avoid last-minute hassles. Also, ensure your children are physically fit and mentally prepared to go in the wild.

Choose your destination wisely

Louder, louder than a lion
‘Cause I am a champion, and you’re gonna hear me roar! Check out our 101 Guide about visiting the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

You have several options for an African safari, but you must research and choose wisely if taking kids along for the trip. Kruger National Park is a good choice as it offers the best of everything, from its scenic views to diverse wildlife species and adventure activities. Check the best Kruger National Park Camps for a comfortable stay while you are there. It is better to pay for a luxury experience to ensure your family gets the best amenities even in the middle of nowhere.

Opt for self-drive

Traveling with kids requires flexibility as you may want to turn back to camp if the kids feel hungry, sleepy, or uncomfortable. Although you can pack snacks and drinks to keep them happily busy, it does not work if the little ones have an urge to pee. Self-driving is a great option as you have more freedom to navigate the way you want. But it is safe to have a guide accompanying you to show you the way around.

Make the trip interesting

Hooking on your kids to adventure safaris is about making the first trip as interesting as possible. Think beyond showing them the wild animals and include bird and insect watching in the itinerary. Also, pack some wildlife books to keep them engaged between sightings and in the hotel room. You can even let them try their hand at wildlife photography.

The first safari experience should be the best one for your kids. You can make things even more special as they learn to love wildlife and nature. Follow these tips to plan the most memorable African safari for your family.

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