Introducing Mokwheel Obsidian: Unleash Your Off-Road Potential

Mokwheel’s ebike fleet gets more exciting with our first softail model. The Mokwheel Obsidian is primed to conquer off-road terrains and deliver unmatched comfort for any ebike enthusiast. The Obsidian boasts an exclusive 1000 W motor that promises impeccable acceleration, enabling riders to conquer steep slopes with ease.

Our engineers have meticulously designed this softail ebike to ensure comfort and superior acceleration while on the move. The selection of components has been carefully curated to support off-road adventures while enhancing maneuverability. One of its standout features is its suspension and stability.

Let’s discover the advantages of Obsidian as your ultimate off-road travel companion.

What’s New With the Obsidian?

When off-road ebikers think of rugged terrain, they are trembled by constant bumps, aching backs, and rattling bike components. Fortunately, the Obsidian puts an end to this nightmare with its exceptional shock absorption technology.

Mokwheel has introduced an innovative shock absorption design featuring an air rear shock positioned above the crankset. This absorption shock utilizes a robust air spring that effectively dampens any bumps encountered on the trail.

Its spring coil rate is on par with heavy coil overs, ensuring that every bump and the uneven track is seamlessly absorbed by the air shock, allowing riders to enjoy a smooth and peaceful ride.

The damping control technology also plays a crucial role by absorbing vibrations and safeguarding your ebike’s technical components during off-road excursions. With our cutting-edge shock absorption, ebikers can relish a comfortable and stable riding experience while ensuring effortless maneuverability.

Obsidian Technical Specifications



Torque Sensor Yes Mokwheel’s premium ebikes come equipped with state-of-the-art torque sensors, enhancing your riding experience, especially during high-speed rides. Obsidian’s torque sensors, accompanied by its 1000 W motor, provide an exhilarating throttle for users.
Motor 1000 W Obsidian’s 1000 W motor promises accelerations and rides like never before. Unlike other fat tire ebikes, this bike is ingeniously designed to fully benefit from its advanced motor. Our engineers have fine-tuned the motor to perfection, ensuring riders get maximum output without compromising on their range.
Battery(Integrated Battery) 48V 19.6A (940W) We understand that you don’t want your off-road excursions to be hampered by long charging times. Therefore, the 940W battery offers you a comfortable travel experience without worries. Nevertheless, Obsidian takes it a step further compared to its competitors. The ebike features advanced power station capabilities, allowing you to connect solar panels to inverters and charge your battery or power your off-road appliances.
Range Up to 80 miles While most softail electric ebikes have higher-powered motors that reduce their range, we have paid special attention to extending the range without compromising the riding experience. Hence, Obsidian’s aerodynamic design and efficient motor ensure an 80-mile range, significantly surpassing its competitors.
Top Speed 28 mph An electric softail bike is synonymous with exciting adventures, characterized by rapid pace and thrilling acceleration. Obsidian boasts a maximum speed of 28 mph, the best amongst softail ebikes..
Pedal Assist 5 levels With 5 pedal assist levels, Obsidian competes on par with any premium ebike. These levels ensure the motor’s assistance is based on your riding preference. Obsidian’s 5 pedal assist levels, combined with its exquisite torque sensor, enhance your riding pleasure, enabling you to conquer mountains without waking up sore the next morning.
Suspension 130 mm adjustable fork Fat tire mountain ebikes must prioritize comfort, and Mokwheel understands this. Obsidian comes with a 130 mm adjustable front suspension that you can customize to suit your riding preferences. But that’s not all; We have taken ebike comfort to the next level. Obsidian features shock absorption technology accompanied by the latest air shock, effectively absorbing rough bumps and keeping you comfortable.
Brakes TEKTRO HD-E350 Hydraulic Disc Brakes Obsidian comes equipped with Tektro’s highly responsive and efficient hydraulic brakes. Mokwheel’s collaboration with Tektro adds an extra layer of safety to Obsidian, ensuring riders stay in control at top speeds.
Color Red/Black, Desert Camo, Black/Yellow Consumers have long desired exciting colors for all-terrain ebikes that stand out from the crowd. Obsidian helps you satisfy your style demands and ride in style. The captivating desert camo color will turn heads as you ride around, while the exquisite combination of yellow and black will leave viewers spellbound.
Weight 77 lbs Obsidian falls within a similar weight class compared to other fat tire mountain ebikes. However, its meticulously researched design distributes weight evenly across the structure, and the shock absorption system maintains rider control. Consequently, the overall riding experience is improved for the rider.

Overall, Obsidian is meticulously designed with adventure-seeking consumers in mind; It goes the extra mile to deliver an exhilarating riding experience without compromising on your comfort, safety, or style.

Our customer-centric approach has enabled us to develop an innovative ebike that seamlessly integrates users’ desires and requirements.

Why Should You Choose the Mokwheel Obsidian?

We have delighted our customers with Basalt, and now we’re ready to elevate your adventures with Obsidian.

An all-terrain electric bike: With its 1000 W motor and 4.0″ fat tires, this ebike empowers you to conquer rugged terrains and unlock new possibilities.

However, its cushioned seat, accompanied by an 80-mile range and comfortable riding position, makes it equally impressive for regular trips.

Comfort and speed combined: The Obsidian comes equipped with a shock absorption mechanism that effectively absorbs any bumps, ensuring your comfort even on rugged terrains. Its combination with the front shock delivers an unparalleled riding experience.

Yet, this comfort doesn’t come at the expense of speed. The Obsidian is swift, and its acceleration will leave you amazed. With 5 pedal assist levels and a 1000 W motor, it promises an exhilarating pace and acceleration that fulfill your adventurous desires.

Stylish color combinations: We understand our consumers’ desire to ride in style, and it’s time to help them achieve their desired look. The Obsidian is available in an exciting desert camo color, crafted through a complex rendering process for paint durability and lasting style. Similarly, the standard yellow and red, combined with black accents, provide an exquisite appearance that ensures you stand out from the crowd.


Mokwheel has always been committed to fulfilling our customers’ wishes and providing them with the best electric bikes. Our dedication to technology is evident in the exciting Obsidian. Whether it’s the torque sensor, 1000 W motor, or shock absorption, the Mokwheel Obsidian promises an exhilarating experience for its users, enabling them to achieve their desired off-road performance.

Early buyers also enjoy Obsidian‘s exciting color combinations or customize their ebike with our Mokwheel Shop add-ons. Visit Mokwheel’s website today and get your hands on this eye-catching ebike.

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