5 Pandemic Proof Activities For LA Tourists This Season

The pandemic is under control after vaccines, but you cannot be too sure as the virus is still here. The Omicron scare is enough to warn people that they cannot take things casually. You have to observe precautions this holiday season. An extra conscious approach is essential for tourists. Luckily, Americans know about the precautions they must take on flights and hotels. But you also need to create your itineraries wisely, choosing places and activities with minimum risk. If you plan to tour LA this season, here are some pandemic-proof activities to enjoy.

Outdoor picnic

Los Angeles is famous for its food scene, but you need not bear the risk of being in a crowded restaurant or bar. An outdoor picnic makes a great idea to have a good time with your family without worrying about safety risks. You can have the best of both worlds by ordering food from a popular place and opting for takeout. Carry your stuff to one of the city parks and enjoy the sun with your loved ones…


You can easily find hiking and trekking trails around the city if you are a fitness enthusiast. The activity is perfect on all fronts- you get to enjoy the outdoors along with doing a solid workout. Not to mention, social distancing isn’t a concern in hiking trails. You can do it solo or trek with your family or friends. Just ensure that you pick the right trail, as beginners may not be comfortable with challenging terrain. You can ask around or search online to find a perfect option.

Whale watching

LA is known for the myriad sightseeing tours for families and group travelers. You must not miss out on whale watching los angeles when you are here. Book a cruise and relish the sight of the biggest mammal on earth as you zip through the sea. The good thing is that these cruise boats carry a limited number of passengers on board. There is hardly a need to worry about infections as cruise lines follow social distancing and other COVID-safety norms.

Bird watching

Like whale watching, bird watching is another activity you can enjoy without pandemic stress this season. You may combine it with hiking or trekking. Alternatively, you can relax in a community park while watching birds around. Just pack your binoculars in your luggage, and head out when you can. The activity has therapeutic benefits as it lowers stress and makes you happier, taking you a step closer to mental well-being.

Visit a theme park

A trip to LA is not complete without seeing the theme parks in and near the city. It is acclaimed for family-friendly theme parks like Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Knott’s Berry Farm, and more. Since these are outdoors, you can expect them to be safer. Avoid the rush hours and follow the relevant safety precautions while you are there.

Tourists need to prioritize safety, but it does not mean you have to miss out on fun while you are in LA. Try these outdoor activities and have the best vacation this season.

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