All You Need to Know about… Kenting

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All You Need to Know about… Kenting

All you need to know about Kenting, a beautiful area in the southernmost point of Taiwan: The Spring Wave music festival, the markets, nature, the parties, and food.

Fengchueisha 2

Kenting is located at the southernmost point of Taiwan Island, between the Pacific Ocean and the Bashi Channel. It used to the backyard (yes, the Kenting National Park) of the island and a best-kept secret for surfers. Now the small town has become a popular travel destination, thanks to the promotions of some Taiwanese movies and music festivals that brought tens of thousands of visitors annually. The area, in fact, has more than a few nice beaches or local food markets; it certainly has a lot more things to see and do!

How to get there?

Kenting - Transportation 2

How-to-Get-thereAs Kenting is at the very tip of Taiwan Island and the closest city is Kaohsiung. Express bus services are available that commute between Kaohsiung and Kenting, and it’s the most common way to get to Kenting without a car. Flights are also available from Taipei to Hengchun (a small city close to Kenting). But I would recommend visitors to rent a car just because it’s the most convenient way to get around Kenting once you are there anyway. There are a few local bus lines that run along the main street in Kenting but it’s rather infrequent and they don’t cover many scenic spots in Kenting – it’s mainly for the local students or residents not using cars.

When to go?

Useful-LinksThe “best time” to go to Kenting would usually be in the summer – given how “beachy” the area is. However, tens of thousands of visitors flooded to Kenting in early April each year for the Spring Wave Music and Art Festival as well; I was there for the festival before it moved to Taipei since last year.

Spring Wave is an outdoor music festival that started about 10 years ago and it showcases a variety of music styles from artists, DJs, and independent bands from all over the world. For a few days, there is a marathon concert from-day-to-night. The main stage is set up in an outdoor area, surrounded by food booths and fun booths, where visitors could freely sit on the lawn and enjoy the performance. Smaller-scale concerts, private shows, and disco parties are also held in different venues. As I know the festival would still be Taipei in 2017, and for those who are interested in experiencing the festivities – visit here.

Places to Stay!

HotelKenting’s homestay was already a “thing” before Air BNB was everywhere in the world because many guesthouses were mindfully decorated with a theme that appeals to different people. It could be a house with a Tuscany garden, a house of a Greek Island in white and blue, a house for the surfers with sandy walls and seashells, or a house with a cottage or farm animals.

Visitors could enjoy the amazing sea view from the balcony or the Barbecue party on the rooftop; they could borrow a bike and travel around town; they could go surfing or swimming because the beach is just a 10 seconds away!

I stayed at a hotel in a room with access to the beach – and there were parties at the beach bar during the music festivals!

Kenting - Beach Time!

Let’s get Sporty!

Bes-time-to-goApart from music festivals and markets, Kenting is also an active place with lots of activities to do!

Join an eco-tour, go jet skiing, kayaking and banana boat riding for the thrill, or go scuba diving or surfing! Even if you feel like slowing things down, there are beaches where lay-back travelers could get a tan after a lazy afternoon.

The Kenting National Park has interesting rock formations and biodiversity that divers would love, places like the banana bay are great spots to get into the water and explore the underwater world.

Sights to see!

CameraKenting National Park is considered one of the most beautiful spots in Taiwan – and somehow Kenting is usually Sunny during the dry season. I remember when we took off from Kaohsiung it was hazy and drizzling and we thought … “Oh, great”; magically the sky was cleared and the sun came out as we headed south. For a day or two before the festivals, we drove along the Provincial Highway 26, and here they are some of the great attractions in order, starting from the aquarium!

National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium

Opened in 2000, the aquarium features a great collection of aquatic lives from Taiwan, including a Coral Kingdom Pavilion.


Hengchun is a small historic town with an old town wall where delicious local delicacies are available in stores. Buy a softwood board postcard and mail it home at the Hengchun post office as a memento, too!


Chuhuo means “fire out”. The surrounding area of Chuhuo is the Kenting Shale, a soft sedimentary rock layer. During the dry season, the natural gas generated underground would spill out from the cracks in the ground and ignite the surface. Visitors might purchase popcorn packs and make a snack of the natural phenomenon!

Chuhuo 2

Nanwan (South Beach)

Kenting - Beach at nightThe main beach of Kenting ~ and basically where I stayed at the hotel 😛

Kenting Street Night Market

In Taiwan, it’s all about the night markets; and Kenting’s night market is among the most exciting ones. In a hot day, we strolled along the main street, sat down on the side of the street at a café and cooled down with some ice cream and sweet treats; at night, the market is alive with local food stalls, standing bars, souvenir counters, and fun & games in a great variety: from half-naked guys giving tattoos, hot girls grilling meat skewers to local housewives selling different kinds of merchandise or local crafts.

Sailboat Rock

Passing the Kenting Street, we were entering the coastal section of the highway; The Sailboat Rock is kind of like an eye-catching signpost by the sea. It is also a great spot for snorkeling and scuba diving!

Sailboat Rock 1

Eluan Pi, and the southernmost point

Eluan Pi, and the southernmost pointEluan Pi is situated at the southernmost area of the Taiwan Island; visit the southernmost point, lighthouse, and Longkeng Ecological Protection Area.


The distinct dry and wet seasons of the Hengchuen Peninsula created dramatic and stunning coastlines with spectacular sand cascade, sand river, and sandhills!


Jialeshui is the end of the Provincial Highway 26 and used to be known as Chialuoshui, which means “waterfall” in Fukienese. Take a sight-seeing bus and enter the scenic route to see interesting rock formations caused by erosion of the wind and sea waves. Trust me, they have a name for any rock: a toad, a rabbit, a pig (up-side-down), honeycomb, seal, or ball stones.

Jialeshuei 3
Can you name any of these stones? From left to right, top to bottom: Seal, up-side-down honeycomb, an alligator, a toad, a sea frog, and a rabbit?
Jialeshuei 2
The “human-face-stone” < and I call it the “resting bitch face”

Kenting National Park website

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23 thoughts on “All You Need to Know about… Kenting

  1. I wanted to visit Taiwan last year but didn’t happen. Didn’t know about south of the country. How much does it cost for a cab for solo travelers?

    1. It is possible to hire a cab from Kaohsiung to Kenting and I think it’s about 3000-4000 TWD depends on the distance. But still it would be complicated to get around the area withiut your own ride 😂

  2. Kenting looks like a beautiful spot. I am not a fan of huge crowds, so for me, I think April is out. However, if I do get there someday, I hope to see the natural gas fires. How interesting that people bring popcorn.

    1. Thanks Rhonda. Yes it is indeed beautiful and I love driving around the coastline. Glad that you are interested to visit the place – and there are hawkers with popcorn selling at the entrance 👏🏻👍🏻😊

  3. Oh my, honestly I never thought this place exists until I read this. And this is lovely! I only think Bout Taipei when I hear Taiwan. The beach looks inviting and I love that they do have water activities! Thanks for the tips!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and glad to have introduced a new place to you; and I think you would like the area if I go there, too! 💪🏻👍🏻😊

  4. At first I thought it was Genting in Malaysia lol. I have never heard of Kenting but it looks so lovely with so many places to visit and so much to see/do – and the festivals too. something for everyone.

    1. Oh I didn’t know about Genting but hopefully, they are not too similar 😅. Kenting is a vibrant destination and I think any people would enjoy!

  5. I have never heard of Kenting before now but it does look like a pretty cool place to visit. I can’t resist a market of any kind so I would be in heaven at the night market. The Chuhuo is fascinating as well, I love these little bits of cultural information that really mark a place as different.

    1. Hi Cnseetravel and thanks for dropping by. I think so – summer time is rather vibrant in Kenting!! 👌🏻👏🏻👍🏻😊

  6. This looks like a gorgeous spot and how cool there is natural fire there! We haven’t been to Taiwan, but we try to make new stops on our way to Australia, and Taiwan is high on the list!

  7. I have read lots about the night markets in Taiwan. Very unique, never seen that concept here in city. The rock formations are amazing… funny 🙂

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