Frozen: ‘Walking into winter wonderland’

I was stunned and it was one of my most unforgettable moment – Quebec City, Canada

This is one of my most unforgettable Christmas and somehow it was not unpredictable and surprising that the scene involves snow. 🙂

In Canada, everyone is accustomed to snow. When I was there, there was snow everywhere. I could merely see straight ahead when I tried to cross the road arriving from Montreal to Quebec City. When we settled down @ Hilton, we took a walked in the old town and I was stunned.

All the houses and shops were covered in snow along the old town streets and they were all lit up with Christmas lights. On top of that, each shop has a Christmas tree stood at the front door, with snow falling on top of our heads… I was completely not expecting this and so I stood there for a second, felt so touched with tear in my eyes.

I have never actually seen what Quebec City is like in summer, but I bet it would be completely different with such romance – but lively, energetic, and active.

After that, it was a completely frozen world.

Snow was ankle deep – and phone booth was buried under snow.

I like cold… but even to me, urgh, too much – Merry Christmas !!


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