Frozen: Can’t See the Road Ahead!

Canada is my memory lane… and it was a frozen one.

It was the most frozen moment I had in my life as I was NOT prepared for this!

Traveling my way up to Quebec City we stayed in Montreal, the largest city in the Quebec province Canada. It was a romantic but frozen experience as the temperature dropped to minus 10 degrees (or maybe more).

Here we go… a funicular ride to the top of the tower and see the frozen world!

We visited downtown, the Basilique Notre-Dame, Mary Queen of the World Cathedral, and we visited the Olympic Stadium (The big O), which hosted the 1976 Summer Olympics and now has become a multi-functional complex with sports facilities and exhibition halls. Connected to the donut-shaped structure, there was a tower; it is actually the tallest reclined structure in the world (175m), and an excellent observation deck to oversee Montreal.


In December the entire city was covered in snow, therefore I didn’t have the chance to walk in parks or do any outdoor activities as I was not prepared for the snow! I remembered that I had to run across the street from one side to the other and then go in-door immediately to stay warm.  I always visit the Travel videos of Canada which usually showed how warm and sunny it is in Canda during summer. Actually, Montreal is relatively warm and it’s a city with over 2,000 hours of sunshine annually (almost 23%!).  If I had the chance again I would definitely visit Montreal and Quebec in the summertime and appreciate the city in all its glory. (Also – Music Festivals and Film Festivals)




  1. Even I don’t go to Montreal in winter, and I’m Canadian. Ha ha! BTW, most parts of Canada drop way below -10C during most winters. It’s a whole different story in summer though, as it gets hot enough to require air conditioning. I’d say the best months to visit cities like Montreal and Toronto, from a weather point-of-view, are June and September.

    1. Haha, Yes, winter in Canada is intense and so that’s why it’s the time for everyone in there to celebrate summer!

  2. I would love to visit Montreal and other parts of canada in the summer. Despite how beautiful it looks in the winter with all that snow, I am not a winter person at all and minus 10 degrees…brrr!

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