The Met – Fashion and Art 

The Met – Fashion and Art 

The Met is absolutely my favorite museum. It houses more than European great names, but lots of unexpected treasures from East Asia, Africa, and even Iraq! Find out some useful tools for you to a take virtual tour of the museum!

The Met - 5

The Met - 7August 2011. New York. The metropolis was attacked by a heatwave and the temperature climbed to 120F. Madison Avenue was boiling and deserted. I was walking down the street I thought I almost fainted from heatstroke. There I arrived at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts in the Central Park. It is one of the most important and largest art museums in the world, where it would take you days, or even months to appreciate the precious exhibits one by one.

The museum houses one of the largest classical art collections in the world, thanks to Gilded Age barons who brought them Europe for the edification of the city. More than some  European great names in classical art like Botticelli (Italy), Rembrandt, Vermeer, van Gogh (Netherlands), Degas, Rodin (France), and Albrecht Dürer (Germany), the museum offers a lot of hidden treasures from all around the world and visitors might be pleasantly surprised. For example, the Temple of Dendur, a gift from Egypt; the Carroll and Milton Petrie Sculpture Court (where can host a banquet…!?); the Medieval Court, the original free-standing building of the museum; the Beaux-Arts Bronze Lampposts and the Facade of the Branch Bank (originally in Wall Street) in the Charles Engelhard Court… and so much more!

Temple of Dendur
The Carroll and Milton Petrie Sculpture Court
Medieval Court with the Choir Screen from the Cathedral of Valladolid
Arms and Armor Collection

Lately, the memory of walking in the Met came to mind… by 2 news.

There was video footage released earlier in the news to destroy the ancient city Nimrud in Iraq, what a shame! The militants hammered, bulldozed, and ultimately blew up parts of the ancient Iraqi Assyrian city of Nimrud… A site dating back to the 13th century B.C.!!

Now I revisit the history of this historical site the only way to find the artifacts which are now safely remained and showed in different museums around the world. One of the sites is the Met – Human-Headed Winged Lion. Thankfully, these treasures would be kept safe, but far away for the people in the future to learn about this ancient civilization…

Explore the museum, as a kid! Here 

Human-Headed Winged Lion

That was also the time I visited Alexander McQueen’s exhibition – Savage Beauty. It was one of the most unforgettable and core-shaking exhibitions that I have seen in recent years. The emotions were not coming from the thrilling or stimulating exhibits; as I walked through the 6 exhibition halls, step by step I felt a rush of excitement came over my body, just like the theme – A savage pursuit and worship of beauty, so strong and violent that you were completely overwhelmed….

The exhibition is now showing again @ V&A London until August… and I will be in London this summer. Should I go again?

Museums worldwide with Nimrud material (Total 76!):

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