Essential Tips for Combating Allergies While Traveling

Essential Tips for Combating Allergies While Traveling

Summer is here. That means you can throw away your Claritin tablets and nasal sprays—just kidding! Just because spring is over doesn’t mean allergies have gone away. It’s exciting to plan for the upcoming beach days, barbecues, resort stays, and road trips. But these events leave the door open for potential allergens.

Whether you’re staycationing at home or traveling to the Mediterranean, it’s always best to be prepared for allergy flare-ups. Here is a list of essential tips for combating allergies while traveling so irritating allergy symptoms won’t ruin your vacation.

Stay Hydrated at All Times

Stay hydrated, especially if you’re traveling by plane. Air travel often means breathing recycled, dry air throughout the flight. Always keep a bottle of water or two with you when vacationing. Avoid overdrinking on your vacation because alcohol can also trigger your allergies.

Pack Your Allergy Medications

As obvious as it may sound, make sure to pack your allergy medications for your trip just in case. Before your trip, refill prescriptions or purchase over-the-counter allergy medications for symptoms like sinus congestion and pressure. Bring your nasal sprays, essential oils, or any other alternative treatments you use to relieve your symptoms as well.

Bring Anti-bacterial Wipes & Spray

It is essential to ensure your space is clean when you have allergies. You don’t have to clean your resort or hotel room as if you live there. But you should wipe down and spray your area with disinfectant to eliminate any harmful bacteria and allergens. Wipe down all shared areas and spray your bed with an allergy-friendly disinfectant to ensure it’s allergen-free.

Know Where the Nearest Health Care Provider Is

In case of any allergy-related emergencies, you should know where the nearest health care provider is located. Save the addresses of the local hospital, primary care clinic, and pharmacy on your phone. It’s best practice to identify health care practices in unfamiliar areas.

Bring Your Own Pillow To Avoid Dust Mites

Bringing your own pillow is essential for combating allergies while traveling. Hotel, Airbnb, and resort rooms are not constantly occupied and stay empty for a while until a guest checks in. Dust mites are a frequent problem in these accommodations, so it’s best to bring your pillow from home to avoid waking up with itchy eyes and throat.

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