Christmas… in San Francisco

Driving across the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge with the radio tuned in KOIT 96.5, a radio channel in the Bay area with nothing else but Christmas tunes… “What a lovely place to be”.

View of the center of San Francisco from the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

The sun wPC190667as going down, and it was getting a little bit chilly – smoke was coming out from among the buildings.
The bay bridge offers a perfect sight of the city’s skyline (from the car). Suddenly the song, dedicated to the city, was played from the radio –

Christmas… in San Francisco

What a lovely place to be

Seeing the hills being all lit up

Like a diamond Christmas tree

Hearing children singing carols

People come from everywhere

To sing along with the children

Standing all around Union Square…

This is so Christmas-y.

But only, the “diamond Christmas tree”, to me, it would be the Transamerica Pyramid; a giant, pyramid-shaped skyscraper glistening with lights at the top, in between the neighboring buildings, which were like boxes of gifts ready to be opened.

A Christmas family tradition would be watching the Nut Cracker ballet dancing nearby the City Hall, and Union Square is the shopping central of San Francisco; pedestrians were wearing Christmas hats and Christmas costumes, some of them were ice skating next to the Christmas tree @ Macy’s.

Besides, taste a delicious happy meal with friends and family @ the China Town! You will be pleased. 🙂


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