Clean Camping: Tips for Tidying Your Campsite

Clean Camping: Tips for Tidying Your Campsite

Campers have a responsibility to leave their campsites better than they found them. However, living off the grid can make cleaning a challenge. Even so, keeping a tidy campsite benefits the environment while increasing your own comfort levels.

Nobody wants to sleep in a space full of crumbs and sticky surfaces. Tidying your campsite is easy with these clean camping tips.

Give Yourself a Fresh Start

Cleanliness starts before you embark on your journey. Give yourself a fresh start by revitalizing your camping gear at home. Get rid of any dirt and debris still lingering from your last adventure so it doesn’t contaminate your new space.

Start by cleaning the outer and inner walls of your tent. Wipe down any gear you’ll be bringing along as well. Pack fresh cooking supplies and clean clothing; if you’re van camping, go ahead and give your car a quick tidy, too.

Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

Maintaining the balance of nature is important as a camper. You can’t introduce toxic chemicals and materials into the ecosystem; instead, invest in eco-friendly cleaning supplies that won’t harm the land, water, or wildlife.

Wash yourself and your belongings with organic soaps that don’t contain harsh substances, and bring supplies with biodegradable packaging. Brands like Dr. Bronner’s and Mrs. Meyer’s create cleaning solutions that are perfect for mindful adventurers.

Keep Trash Away From Your Campsite

Unless you’re a master at the zero-waste lifestyle, you’ll likely generate trash during your travels. Garbage is gross and smelly at best; at worst, it can attract insects and predators to your campsite. You’ll need to keep your trash away from your space as a safety precaution.

Tie food scraps and stinky garbage in a tree to keep everything away from large animals. Also, place your trash collection at least 200 feet from your tent. Don’t leave your waste for others to clean; pack it in an odor-blocking container and toss it at the nearest dump site.

Clean Before the Sun Sets

When tidying your campsite, the most helpful clean camping tip you can follow is to properly utilize your time. Use natural light to your advantage and refresh your space before the sun sets so you don’t miss any messy spots.

This is especially important if you plan to elevate your campsite; cleaning in daylight allows you to safely make your roof top tent more comfortable. Climbing up and down in the dark is dangerous, so be sure to get your work done before nightfall.

Always double-check your campsite before you leave. The environment and future campers will thank you for your diligence.

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