Best Party Lakes in America To Visit This Summer

Best Party Lakes in America To Visit This Summer

With summer upon us, many people are ready to head out on vacation. Instead of visiting one of the coasts, you may want to consider checking out some of America’s incredibly unique and beautiful lakes. Here are some of the best party lakes in America to visit this summer.

Lake Cumberland, Kentucky

Lake Cumberland is one of the best lakes on the entire eastern coast of the United States. This large lake spans over five counties and is a hotspot for recreational activity and memorable outdoor experiences. Of course, if you’re looking for a fun time out on the water, Lake Cumberland set a record for the largest boat chain with over 1,600 watercraft tied together—now that’s a party!

Lake Travis, Texas

Located in central Texas, Lake Travis is one of the best party lakes in America to visit this summer. Summer in Lake Travis starts right after Memorial Day weekend and provides a multitude of water activities. Lake Travis is home to float water parks, live concerts, and party boat rentals that will all fuel your excitement. From places to eat to activities to do, Lake Travis has it all.

Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota

Minnetonka is a fresh and memorable spot for your summer plans. This lake drew a notable celebrity presence after appearing in the video for Demi Lovato’s “Cool for the Summer,” and Big Island is a party-centric anchor spot that attracts thousands of visitors. With how chilly Minnesota gets in the winter, you’ll want to wait until the summer months to check out this incredible lake.

Lake Havasu, Arizona

Beat the Arizona summer heat with a refreshing dip in the beautiful and iconic Lake Havasu. This lake has a reputation for being one of the most prominent western spots for spring break, but all the party animals know that it’s a great place to visit in the summer. You can rent yourself a boat and head out on the beautiful waters to see what the fuss is all about.

No matter where you decide to go this summer, you’re guaranteed to have a great time if there’s a lake nearby.

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