6 Things To Ask Yourself Before Buying a Used ATV

6 Things To Ask Yourself Before Buying a Used ATV

Riding an ATV can be a fun way to enjoy an adventure in rugged surroundings, but buying a new vehicle can be rather costly. Fortunately, some are willing to let go of their ATVs, allowing you to get a pre-owned option at a lower price.

There are some important decisions you should make before buying one of these vehicles, however. Make a wiser purchase by learning these six things to ask yourself before buying a used ATV.

Which Transmission Do I Want?

One thing you should decide when starting this process is what kind of transmission you want your future ATV to have. For example, if you are weighing the benefits of a manual vs. an automatic ATV, consider the options each one provides to the driver. You also want to think about how much control you want over the ATV’s operation, as this information will help you make a better-informed decision.

How Much Do I Want To Pay?

It is important to establish a budget before buying a used ATV. After settling on a specific model that you are looking for, investigate what sellers are asking for it on the web and what dealers charge. This knowledge will help you determine what you are willing to pay and what is too much for you to spend.

Are the Tires in Good Condition?

When you start looking at the ATV itself, begin your examination of the tires. They will likely be in good condition if their manufacturing date is less than five years ago.

But as you inspect them, see if you can spot any cracks or treads with wear. If these issues are present on the tire, you will have to get a new set after you buy the ATV.

Are the Bearing and Ball Joints in Good Shape?

You can check the bearings and ball joints by holding an ATV’s wheel at opposite ends and pushing and pulling it. Unfortunately, if you experience movement, that means the ball joints and bearings are not in good shape. In this situation, you will likely need to make even more repairs after purchasing it.=

Do the Brakes Look Reliable?

The ATV’s brakes must be in excellent condition. Although you can tell if the brake discs have wear and tear or rust by looking at them, you can get a better sense if you disassemble them. If the pads appear worn down to only a quarter of an inch thick, you’ll have to spend more money on replacement parts after buying the vehicle.

Is the Engine in Good Condition?

If the owner gives you a chance to take the ATV for a ride, pay close attention to its engine. If it starts with no difficulty, that’s a good sign. As you ride, take note of any suspicious sounds or issues that occur while it’s running. If you don’t notice any problems, you may have a suitable candidate for your final purchase!

After considering these factors, you can make a better decision on whether to purchase a used ATV. Asking these questions may save you from buying a clunker and ensure you put your money toward a better buy.

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