Last time when I was in town (again), I finally visited Versailles, and I found it was an art pilgrimage long overdue. This is all about why, when, how, and what not to miss visiting the palace and gardens of Versailles, France.


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Versailles 1Paris embraces art like nowhere else on earth – every artist travel to Paris and they get inspired by the artistic atmosphere. There are numerous museums, music halls, opera houses, galleries, and art centers in the city, and it’s a paradise for art lovers just to explore the array of exhibitions, concerts, opera, live shows that take place all year round.

Last time when I was in town (again), I finally visited Versailles, the historic palace that is located merely 45 minutes away from the city center, and I found it was an art pilgrimage long overdue. I guessed I have been focusing so much on the city until I realized the exuberant aesthetics that the historic palace has to offer.

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Why visit Versailles

Beauty. Versailles is a masterpiece of French Baroque architecture in the 17th century. The palace and gardens are the references of many other palaces across Europe, like the Schloss Schönbrunn in Vienna, The Peterhof Palace in Saint Petersburg, and Herrenchiemsee in Munich. These palaces have all shown admirations of Versailles, yet these replicas still couldn’t quite capture the essence and grandeur of Versailles uniquely possess. It was not just about the architecture, but also the ambiance and originality that makes the site so special and unique.

The palace, the artifacts, the interior, and the chandeliers are simply exquisite and are mindfully displayed in each room. The gardens of Versailles is a celebration of art – the side of the pathways are lined with bushes and trees that are perfectly trimmed and pruned; and the courtyards are decorated with fountains, flowers, and sculptures.

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History. Versailles is a place that witnesses the ups and downs of the country. Versailles became officially the seat of the government of the kingdom of France in 1682, and home of the French King Louis XIV. The “Sun King” (Le Roi Soleil) greatly augmented French influence in the world and made his kingdom one of the greatest power in Europe in his reign of more than 72 years.

Versailles 17Unfortunately, the later (and last) King of France Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette squandered the country’s wealth on hosting, not limited to masquerades and grand balls, but also gambling, operas, fireworks, and light shows…, which may be impressive at first, but later it led to a financial crisis and the French Revolution, and Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette was guillotined eventually during the French revolution.

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Going to Versailles

Versailles 16I strongly recommend visitors to pre-order their tickets online before their visit because you would probably avoid a long queue (under the sun) as the palace is crowded all year round. The best time is to visit Versailles early in the morning (before the big tour groups arrive). If you are visiting Paris and are planning to visit a couple of museums and tourist spots in a few days, I suggest purchasing the Paris Museum Pass. The pass offers access to many museums in the city, and Versailles – it saves a lot of time lining up and running around for tickets everywhere you go.

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Pre-order online, or call FNAC:

Versailles tourism website:

FNAC website:

Paris Museum Pass website:

SNCF website (Train tickets):

Versailles, Step by Step

Versailles is simply huge and so it would probably be a whole day event. Remember to get a map upon entering the site, and visitors would typically start touring the palace before heading out to the gardens. There are audio guides in different languages available to give visitors a better understanding of the rooms. I have also found a couple of podcasts in iTunes (some need to pay) that gives a rather lively commentary to the entire route of the palace, and they have enriched my experience as I walked through the structure and gardens.

Versailles 10

For an unconventional visit (mostly to avoid the crowd), it is possible to cover the gardens first; However, I found it make more sense to go through the palace before heading out to the gardens as if the gardens are a delicate desert after an exquisite French meal. Remember to check the schedule of the fountain show though (the show opens on the weekends in summer), you don’t want to miss it. 😊

Versailles 12

Versailles, what NOT to miss.

After walking through the gate of the palace, visitors are traveling through the universe because all the King’s Grand Apartments are named after classical deities in Greek Legends, from Salon d’Hercule, de l’Abondance, de Venus, de Diane, de Mars, de Mercure, d’Appollon, Cour de Marbre, to Chambre du Roi. Each of these Salons is decorated uniquely in different colors and materials that show magnificent craftsmanship and grandeur. The glittering Hall of Mirrors is probably the most famous room of Versailles. Overlooking the gardens, the hall sparkles with sunlight entering through the windows and reflecting off the mirrors; other important elements in the hallway are the crystal chandeliers and marvelous ceiling paintings that are designed to impress as if the striking light reflections from the ensemble of 300 mirror segments were not overwhelming enough. The hallway was the passage between the King’s and Queen’s apartments in the Grand Apartments. The latter part of the palace tour includes the Queen’s Grand Apartment, which contrasts the masculine king’s décor with a more feminine sensibility. The wall paintings and décor are filled with flowers and soft colors – a Marie-Antoinette touch.

Behind and Grand Apartments are the Private Apartments of King Louis XV and King Louis XVI. The rooms showcase the private life of the French Royal family.

Les Jardins

I deeply enjoyed the gardens. Everywhere is pleasing the eye and there’s no better place to just sit on the lawn by the canal and enjoy a relaxing afternoon on a sunny day. The Grand Trianon, Petit Trianon, and Domaine de Marie-Antoinette are located on the other side of the garden. The garden is really huge, one way to travel through the gardens (apart from walking) is taking the mini-train. Since I didn’t fancy taking the train, there are bikes available for rent and I had a great time cycling through under the giant trees.

Apart from cycling, fountain looking, and lawn rolling… row a boat in the grand canal, and imagine what it was like when the Kings sneaked off to their Rendez-vous with their mistresses through the canals.

28 comments on “Versailles.”

    1. We spent the whole day in the palace and garden; there ate other landmarks and places to explore in Versailles. But honestly, Versailles is so big that might take 2-3 days to explore the entire site deeply.


  1. Good to see that you finally got there Kenny, I, on the other hand, have been trying to get back there after visiting in 2003 and subsequently have been to Paris 3 other times without returning. We will get back there again to show our kids the amazing hall of mirrors

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  2. Versailles is a place that seems to have captured the beauty of artistic imagination well beyond the realms of dreams. Unfortunately we were not able to visit the place when we were in Paris last due to time constraints. We will definitely be there next time around but in the interim loved reading about it in your post. It is so nice you have listed out what to look out for and not miss as this is so important in such huge places.

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  3. We visited Versailles back in 2012 and enjoyed it, although the crowds really got to us before the end. I’m surprised you managed to get such an empty photo in the hall of mirrors. Our favourite part was the gardens, though we had to cut it short.

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  4. Nice photo of you looking at the ceiling. Great travel tip to order tickets online before visiting Versailles. I hope to travel there in spring 2018 to see the magnificent gardens and ornate architecture. I love the idea of bicycling riding to see more in less time.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. It has been thirty years since I have been to Versailles. Hopefully it hasn’t changed much. I loved the gardens and all the gilding. Versailles has been the palace by which all others have been judged by. I love your pictures. You did a great job of finding relatively open frames.

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    1. Wow that was a long time ago… but the heritage probably never change, they added a lot more modern art installation and exhibits in the garden though – which another reason to visit again ~


  6. nice article and great photos on VErsailles, my former town, now west of France. You can also buy your tickets across from the rive gauche RER train station in Les Ménages building and avoid the much longer line at the Castle. Either way you need to pass security detector. Cheers

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