The Arabian Desert Tour

Dubai is rapidly growing and it changed a lot for the last couple of years. Apart from all the city thrills, luxury hotels, and exotic sights. I visited the Arabian Desert and had a great experience!

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Dubai is rapidly expanding and the city has undergone quite a transformation for the last couple of years. New skyscrapers, hotels, and entertainment facilities are popping up every day that made each visit to the city new and refreshing.

Today, the Middle East is the new found land for architects to explore new possibilities and reach their creative limits by creating state-of-the-art facilities. It was impressive to see such a modern metropolis was built on a challenging terrain of the world.

Before Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab was the symbol of Dubai, the ultimate luxurious hotel of the world, but now it seems it has lost some glitter (and spotlight). The reality is, the hotel is quite far from downtown, not much public transportation and even no shades to hide from the violent sun. If you take a cab to here, get off and take a photo, and then you could take the same cab home.

Apart from the marvelous cityscape, I visited the outskirt of the city and ventured into the Arabian Desert with a desert tour. There, it was my first time to be in a desert and get to know some of the Arabian cultures.  Camel ride, Hookah (Arabian smoking water pipes), fire performance, belly dancing, and Arabian food – to say the least. Although the Middle East could be scorching in the summertime, fortunately, it was not as unbearable as I thought in the desert.

It’s time to start planning for a new Middle East journey and I am sure there will be a lot of NEW places and ideas to explore!

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