A Quick Spin in the Old Town Manila

An easy way to take a quick spin of the old town Manila is to hire a horse carriage. The area is set up by the Spanish Conquistadors in the colonial times, and visitors could find Spanish style mansions, museums, churches, and fortresses – some of them are UNESCO World Heritages.

San Agustin Church and Convent

It is the oldest church in the Philippines. The first church was built in 1571, and then there were several rebuilt through the next 15 years because of battles and fire – eventually repaired and became the UNESCO world heritage site in 1994.

Ateneo de Manila

The building was founded in 1817 and it’s a government official building. It was also, destroyed, damaged and rename several times during battles and the World Wars; and it was later repaired and remained.

Beaterio de la Compania de Jesus

It is a house of the Beaterio de la Compania de Jesus – first Filipino congregation of religious women. Founded in 1684 by a Chinese mestiza from Binondo, and since then many important events has been held in the site.

Puerta Real and Revellin De Real

It was built in 1663 and used exclusively by the Governor-General for state occasions. Old gate walled in and chambers are converted into powder magazines. Ravelin was converted into Manila Aquarium during the American period! After the damage and was in the early 1900s the site was reopened in 1998 with the name Acuario de Manila.

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