The Summer Bloom. Tokyo.

Hydrangea-5Now the North side of the Earth is getting hot again and there I saw a beautiful orange Hydrangea blossomed near my home in the morning when I headed off to work.

In Tokyo, the cherry blossom season was over in April. The rapeseed season has passed in May. June is the time of the year for hydrangea. Hydrangea is not exclusive in Japan, of which there are lots in the American family’s yard. However, the Japanese have their way to make it a center of attention. To celebrate the blooming moment visitors do not have to go far. There is a Hydrangea festival right in Tokyo city center, and it’s a hidden gem of the city!!

The Hakusan Shrine is located closely to the Tokyo University. The venue is where the hydrangea festival (Bunkyo Ajisai Matsuri) takes place every year. Masses of flowers are lining up along the walkway under the amazing sun and greet the crowd.

The party was small, but it was fun: http://www.city.bunkyo.lg.jp/bunka/kanko/event/matsuri/ajisai.html


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