Step into Kusama’s World

Huashan 1914 Creative Park in Taipei has been opened for a couple of years and now it is getting better and better. It has established successfully as a multi-functional venue with all sorts of short-term exhibitions, events, concerts, creative shops, Sunday market, and a movie center. More, the creative park is in the prime location of the city and it has a lot of lively activities and restaurants. Therefore, it has always had been my number one #1 hanging out hotspot and I always go there when I am in the Taipei city ~

So lately, I was strolling in the creative park and realized it is “spotted” with the eye-catchy Kusama Pop-up Cafés that opens until September this year. Now the park is just getting more special – Yayoi Kusama is a world-recognized avant-garde modern artist and her polka dots could be spotted and recognized by many many art-lovers in a heartbeat. The pop-up store and café in Taipei are set up in conjunction with her art exhibition in KaoHsiung and Taichung~

The size of the café is not big with a capacity about 40 guests. The café serves only a few drinks and cakes (with a little bit of Kusama touch on the glass and plate presentation), the highlight of the café would be furniture and décor with Kusama’s iconic polka dots (A good place to take as much selfie as you want, and post them online as much as you want).

Outside the café there is a pop-up gift shop and an exhibit of Kusama’s exhibit imageries; something that art fans should not be missed!

Kusama cafe

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