Taipei – To Market, to Markets

Tianmu 26

Taipei, Taiwan – The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind would be the mouth-watering, scrumptious and savory street food in the night markets (Shilin Night Market, Raohe Street Night Market, Ningxia Night Market, Gongguan Night Market, maybe a little farther, Keelung Night Market). All kinds of Taiwanese-style bubble tea, oyster pancake, mini hot-pot, barbeque skewer, Dou-Hua, shaved ice, and deep fried chick-steak the size of your face! If you are adventurous, Huaxi Street Night Market is called the “Snake alley” where brave minds could find dishes of snakes, and many others.

Tianmu 2Since the expansion of metro in the last couple of years, getting around the city Taipei is much easier (not the metro is connected to the Taipei 101, finally!) and somehow it left Tianmu a blind spot for general tourist without the rapid transit connection.Tianmu 3

In fact, the Tianmu market is one of my favourite in Taipei and the local would just love to gather in the Tianmu square on the weekends to have a nice time goodies-hunting. Start-up designers set up stalls for their own creative products, old goodies and ‘antiques’ would be found in the flea markets, spent an afternoon strolling around the markets and then have an afternoon tea, what a relaxing afternoon!

Website: http://www.tianmu.org.tw/

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