Let’s Get Seasonal! Seasonal!

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Keukenhof 19A world-class airport always has post-modern and futuristic architecture, state-of-the-art technology, sophisticated infrastructure and facilities, top-notch customer services, and incredible network and reliability. A top-ranking airport, on the other hand, could be the busiest in passenger traffic, the largest volume in cargo freight, or the most frequent in flight schedules.

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is among the best range over the years but not the top, yet it wins me over with its “user-friendliness” and proximity to the world. First of all, Schiphol offers a good coverage of many European destinations, which makes the city a central hub for travelers to hop over from places to places. Second of all, it has an amazing train network connection (Such as Thalys) to neighboring cities in the Benelux area (Belgium / The Netherlands / Luxemburg) and even Paris, Dusseldorf / Cologne, and beyond. Schiphol is only 20 minutes away from the very center of Amsterdam city! Therefore, it’s perfect to just have a short stopover and walk around in the city as a short escape.

Keukenhof 5One time, I stayed in the CitizenM, which is merely a 3-min walk from the Schipol; and there it has a bus-stop to offer a shuttle bus to the Keukenhof – a garden you should visit during the good season. Transportation from Schiphol to the Keukenhof is even closer from the Amsterdam’s city center (for just 15 minutes). Known as the “Garden of Europe”, it is the largest flower garden in Europe for visitors to enjoy the blooming of tulips and many different kinds of flower from the end of March to mid-May.

Keukenhof 16

Suggest going to the park early in the morning from Schiphol to avoid the roaring crowd and take nice pictures with the beautiful nature – the garden opens as early as 8am. The best time to view the tulips would be mid-end of April. The garden features a nice arrangement of flowers in different setting and styles, it also has a windmill, canals, various pavilion, flower-arrangement exhibits and sweet farm barn animals which create a fun and enjoyable environment.

Keukenhof website – http://www.keukenhof.nl/en/

IMG_6735Outside the garden is the long field of tulips and flowers that created the picture every saw from the internet. Across the entrance of the Keukenhog garden is a bike rental place where visitors could rent a bike on an hourly basis. The rental place also provides information and free maps about 4 different routes to see the flower fields, dunes (even the coast) and explore the area!

Bike Rental route map – http://www.rentabikevandam.nl/download/RAB_Route_2015.pdf

Drone-filming the beautiful Keukenhof –

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