The Beijing’s Giant Dome

Visit the National Centre for the Performing Arts on a gorgeous day in Beijing and spend some fabulous time in the park !!

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Finally got the time to see this video feed and its core-shaking.

Former celebrity TV anchor Chai Jing quit her job after her baby daughter was born with a lung tumor, and after a year of rigorous investigation, launched this 1 hour 40 minute documentary about China’s smog: what is smog? Where does it come from? What do we do from here? It is very powerful in many ways. English subtitles of the documentary are not yet completely finished, but if you can, grab a Chinese friend and watch it together. English subtitles are now completely finished, and other languages are being added.

Been to Beijing 2 years ago and super-hyper-luckily for the 5 days I was there, the weather was perfect with beautiful and clear sunny sky… and if you are that lucky enough, you must go outside 🙂

Beijing - 0One option in the City Centre – I would recommend interesting Beijing Opera House. The National Centre for the Performing Arts (a.k.a. Beijing Opera House) is a Giant Egg-shaped Modern architecture designed by the famous French architect Paul Andreu. Nothing much going on during the day without shows, but the tranquil and serene atmosphere offered the locals a great place to spend the afternoon playing badminton, skateboarding, kite flying, or simply having a picnic, as for me, appreciate the beauty of art in front of me.


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